Advance your skills and knowledge of HDR Light Studio

Lighting Session 01 with Phil Sills

We light a shot using HDR Light Studio with creative direction from professional photographer Phil Sills.

Blender Lighting Tutorial 01: Lighting the Bottle

Learn to light a bottle in Blender.

Blender Lighting Tutorial 02: Smart Car Studio Lighting

Learn to studio light a car in Blender.

Blender Lighting Tutorial 03: Smart Car - Enhancing a HDRI...

Learn to enhance a HDRI environment in Blender.

Lighting Makeover 02: Nissan Qashqai Car

A lighting transformation tutorial video for a 3D Nissan car.

Lighting Makeover 01: Hair Dryer

A lighting transformation tutorial video for a 3D hair dryer image.

Lighting Demo - Cinema 4D + Corona

Step by step demo lighting a car

Enhancing a Single Light

How to add hot spots to an overhead softbox for a more dynamic lighting.

Studio Lighting blended with a HDRI map

How to incorporate the character and interesting reflections, that come from the HDRI map, into studio lighting.

Windows through to a HDRI map

How to use window Gobo lights as a mask through to an outdoor HDRI map.

Mixing regions of different HDRI maps

How to blend regions of 2 different HDRI maps into a single lighting design using Composites.

Moving a region of a HDRI map (Cloning)

Use Composites to move a specific region of a HDRI map, and to produce a more flattering reflection on the car.

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