HDR Light Studio for 3ds Max

HDR Light Studio revolutionizes the lighting workflow in 3ds Max. It provides a fast, fun and creative approach to lighting. Spend less time with tedious setup or trial and error - gain more time to experiment and polish the shot.

To use HDR Light Studio live within 3ds Max, purchase HDR Light Studio and the 3ds Max Connection. The Connection creates the bridge between the two apps.

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What do 3ds Max artists think?

HDR Light Studio is a real paradigm shift concerning lighting in a 3D environment. By making the interface simple and fast it makes it spontaneous, which is all important to us as artists. It helps us focus on lighting more, and to create subtle refined lighting effects that would be painstaking to create otherwise.

Bruce Bigelow
Creative Director, Electric Art Image Production

If you want to get into higher level with your renderings and decrease the time spent on the lighting set-ups HDR Light Studio is definitely THE SOLUTION!

Piotr Kosinski
3D Artist, PK3D Studio

Connection Features

Area Lights

Area Lights are created and controlled for your renderer by HDR Light Studio through the connection. As lights are adjusted in HDR Light Studio, they are instantly updated in 3ds Max. Area Lights are positioned using LightPaint and Smart Dolly, controlling both the distance and scale of the light in one convenient slider. Area Lights are currently supported with: V-Ray, Maxwell, Octane, Thea and Corona.

Shared Map

HDR Light Studio's environment map (canvas) is shared with the environment map of the supported renderers in 3ds Max. During the lighting process a lower resolution map is used for interactive speed. For the final production rendering in 3DS Max - a full resolution, high dynamic range image is generated and passed through the connection.

Click to Light

Purchasing a connection allows artists to click on the model within 3ds Max viewports to position lights in HDR Light Studio.

Supported Renderers

Supported renderers are: Mental Ray, Iray, V-Ray, Maxwell, Octane, Thea, Corona,
ART Renderer (3ds Max 2017), Arnold (3ds Max 2017)

Embedded Projects

The HDR Light Studio lighting project is embedded within the 3ds Max scene file. So the lighting can be edited in the future whenever reloading the 3ds Max scene.

Scene Sync

Send all or part of your 3ds Max scene directly into HDR Light Studio. 3ds Max 2014 choose between Collada and FBX exchange formats. 3ds Max 2015/2016 choose between FBX or Alembic.

3ds Max Connection - Features

Made with 3ds Max and HDR Light Studio


3ds Max and 3ds Max Design - versions 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Renderers: Mental Ray, iRay, V-Ray 3, Maxwell 3, Octane, Thea Render, Corona,
ART Renderer (3ds max 2017), Arnold (3ds Max 2017)


3ds Max Connection Help Pages

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VIDEO: Getting Started - HDR Light Studio
VIDEO: Getting Started - 3ds Max Connection
3ds Max Connection User Guide

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