What's New - HDR Light Studio 8

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Here are the newest features added to HDR Light Studio 8 Drop 1. This version is available to customers with an active 1-year license or with up-to-date maintenance on a permanent license.

Light Like a Pro with Scrim Lights

Scrim Lighting is a technique used by professional photographers in the studio to light products, jewelry, and even cars. A Scrim Light combines a sheet of translucent material, called a scrim, with a separate light source illuminating the scrim from behind.

HDR Light Studio 8 adds Scrim Lighting that is easy to control, real-time, and renders fast in your 3D software. The light source is easily positioned behind the scrim using the interactive top and front views of the scrim setup.

Scrim Light Tutorial

LightPaint Enhanced

HDR Light Studio 8 has expanded the LightPaint system. It's now possible to control many more light properties directly in the Render Views and Canvas - such as brightness, position, scale, rotation, and even the Light placement within the Scrim Light. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to change LightPaint tools in any view - speeding up the workflow.

User Interface Tutorial

Shape the light with Polygon

The Polygon content is useful for controlling the shape of lights when used on Alpha Multiply. It includes controls for the edge softness and corner radius.

Polygon Tutorial

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