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*HDR Area Lights are not compatible with all plug-ins. Check the Compatibility PDF to see the 3D applications, renderers, and features provided by the plug-ins.

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HDR Light Studio - FAQ

What is HDR Light Studio?

HDR Light Studio is a standalone application for authoring HDRI maps. You can build an HDRI map lighting design from scratch or edit existing HDRI maps. You can use HDRI maps created with HDR Light Studio in any 3D software that supports image-based lighting.

HDR Light Studio provides a dedicated lighting user interface. Click on the 3D model to position lights using the patented LightPaint® system. The Preset library contains a wealth of HDR lighting content that you drag and drop into the lighting design.

Plug-ins provide a live link between HDR Light Studio and leading 3D software. Plug-ins offer additional functionality, adding HDR Light Studio's lighting tools and content to your 3D software. For example, the live link enables the creation and control of HDR textured area lights in supported plug-ins.

What 3D software is supported?

Check the Compatibility PDF to see the 3D applications, renderers, and features provided by the plug-ins.

Is HDR Light Studio for 'studio lighting' only?

HDR Light Studio is the market leader for lighting products, jewelry, packaging, and cars with its highly controllable studio light types. But you can light any still or moving 3D imagery with HDR Light Studio. If you are lighting a scene using only an HDRI map, there are limitations on what is possible. Find out more about image-based lighting here.

Is HDR Light Studio for professional 3D artists only?

No. HDR Light Studio's primary user base is professional 3D artists who produce high-quality 3D imagery. Professional 3D artists like HDR Light Studio because it provides a level of control they do not find in other lighting software. However, many novice 3D artists use HDR Light Studio, too, because it lets them easily light scenes by dragging and dropping lights onto the 3D model.

What are the limitations of this trial?

This trial provides the full version of HDR Light Studio and the chosen plug-in. Without a license file, HDR Light Studio runs in demo mode, but you can test out all of its features with the following limitations:

  • HDR Output Rendering is disabled
  • Project Saving/Embedding is disabled
  • Red Watermark on HDR images shared with plug-ins

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