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Real-time HDR lighting tools for NVIDIA Omniverse™

"HDR Light Studio lighting software is a tool our own artists have found essential in their workflow for over 10 years here at NVIDIA. During that time, we have seen the features and compatibility grow, cementing their positive reputation amongst professional 3D artists producing marketing and advertising imagery. With this new Omniverse compatibility release, all of our users can take advantage of intuitive and high-quality lighting tools that make their visualizations truly stand out." 


Richard Kerris
Vice President of the Omniverse Development Platform at NVIDIA

Omniverse Lighting Plugin Features

Here you can see the key features of the live-link between HDR Light Studio and Omniverse

Click on a feature below to see it in action

HDR Light Studio Connection for Omniverse

Live link with HDR Light Studio

Paint Lights in Omniverse

Paint Light Positions

Make HDRI maps in Omniverse

Live HDRI Creation

Edit HDRI maps in Omniverse

Live HDRI Editing

Create HDR Area Lights in Omniverse

Live 3D HDR Area Lights

HDR Light Sources for Omniverse

Library of HDR Light Captures

Manage HDRI Maps in Omniverse

Manage HDRIs / Save Light Rigs

HDR Light Studio project stored in Omniverse

Live Project Sync

Find out more about HDR Light Studio lighting features - visit the main Features web page

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Light Stunning Marketing Imagery

The images below were lit using HDR Light Studio Connection in various 3D software

See more images lit with HDR Light Studio at our Gallery

Omniverse Lighting Tutorials

Try HDR Light Studio today and learn to light with our videos below.
Click on a tutorial below.

Quick Start

Quick Start

Lighting Demo

Lighting Demo


Detailed documentation for installation, workflow and more can be found here

Compatibility (Our Latest Connection Build: 2024.0403)

Please Note: Omniverse Create is quickly changing with frequent new builds. Plugin compatibility is often broken by new builds. We work as quickly as possible to fix these issues. Please use our latest installer to keep up to date.

Omniverse version 2023.2.2 and higher - Windows only
Supported Renderers: RTX Real-time + RTX Path-Traced

 Omniverse Connection is compatible with
HDR Light Studio Xenon Drop 4 and higher

See the Current Features Compatibility Chart for all connections here

Plug-in Updates News

11th April 2024 (Plug-in Build: 2024.0403)

Minimum version supported is now Create 2023.2.2 and higher (now called USD Composer)
Bug fixes

Want to Buy?

This Omniverse Connection is included with HDR Light Studio Indie, Pro & Automotive


If you would like to fully evaluate using HDR Light Studio with Omniverse,
please contact for an evaluation license.