HDR Light Studio for Blender

Real-time HDR lighting tools for Blender – HDRI map authoring and HDR Area Lights

HDR Light Studio for Blender

Updated 9th March 2020

We are excited to share that we are developing a Blender add-on to connect Blender with HDR Light Studio.
We will update this page with news of our progress

Features we aim to provide in the add on are:
• Live HDRI map updates from HDR Light Studio to Blender - Done, see below
• HDR Light Studio project data saved in the Blender scene file - Done, see below
• Blender 3D scene and camera exported into HDR Light Studio for 'Light Painting' - Done, see below
• HDR Light Studio creating and controlling Area Lights in Blender
• Painting positions in the Blender viewport to move lights in HDR Light Studio
• Sharing the interactive Blender render image inside the HDR Light Studio interface

Initially we are concentrating on supporting Cycles and Eevee only

HDRI Map Updates

Video added 5th Feb 2020

Our first peek at the development of the Blender Connection. The HDRI map from HDR Light Studio is updating nice and fast in Blender, seen here rendering live with Cycles.

Embedded Project

Video added 9th March 2020

HDR Light Studio's project is now embedded in the Blender scene. When HDR Light Studio is stopped and restarted, this project is automatically loaded into HDR Light Studio, ready for further editing.

Scene Sync

Video added 9th March 2020

Pressing the play button in HDR Light Studio's render view, imports the scene geometry and camera from Blender. Lights can be dragged and dropped onto the 3D model to position them, plus repositioned by dragging them on the 3D model.

Early Access and Updates

Register your interest here

By registering your interest in the 'Blender Connection' we will:

Keep you informed of development progress by email
Provide you with early access to a build of the plug-in and a free temporary license

Can't Wait?

Whilst waiting for the Blender Connection to arrive... why not try HDR Light Studio standalone today? You can load your 3D scenes as Alembic or Collada files and paint them with lighting to produce the perfect HDRI map to load into Blender.