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Professional 3D Lighting Tools and HDR Lighting Content for Blender. Supports Cycles, Eevee, Octane and RenderMan.

Do you find the lighting process too slow and tedious?
Do you find it hard to get the lighting right?

Our new Blender lighting ‘Add-on’ connects HDR Light Studio to Blender, adding powerful 3D lighting tools and HDR content. Now you can light your shots easily, quickly and creatively - producing perfectly lit professional renders with the realism of photographs

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Blender Lighting Add-on Features

Here you can see the key features of the live-link between HDR Light Studio and Blender

HDR Light Studio add-on for Blender

Live link with HDR Light Studio

Paint Lights in Blender

Paint Light Positions

Make HDRI maps in Blender

Live HDRI Creation

Edit HDRI Maps in Blender

Live HDRI Editing

HDR Area Lights in Blender

Live 3D HDR Area Lights

HDR Light Sources for Blender

Library of HDR Light Captures

Manage HDRI maps in Blender

Manage HDRIs / Save Light Rigs

Supports Cycles, Eevee, Octane and RenderMan

Supported Renderers

HDR Light Studio project stored in Blender

Live Project Sync

Find out more about HDR Light Studio lighting features - visit the main Features web page

Made with Blender and HDR Light Studio

Gorgeous renders made with Blender and lit with HDR Light Studio

Feedback from our Beta Testers

We recently surveyed our beta testers for their feedback on our new Blender Add-on:

100% would recommend HDR Light Studio to other Blender Users
97% say the lighting process is now more Creative
97% say the lighting process is now more Accurate
97% can't go back to their previous Lighting Workflow


“The improvement in speed that HDR Light Studio provides is immense. Manually moving physical light objects and tweaking settings in Blender takes time. It’s nice to be able to focus on the lighting only and not have the clutter of items irrelevant to lighting that are in the UI. The LightPaint feature in HDR Light Studio is especially useful for precise pin-point light placement."
Giz Beardon

“HDR Light Studio gives me so much more control over my lighting. It is more Intuitive and allows for a larger scope of freedom to try ideas and play with them.”
Patrick Wilson

“HDR Light Studio is faster and more precise. You can get a basic setup very quickly, which you can then fine-tune, and because it’s easy to use with good real-time feedback, it invites you to play with lighting.”
Peter Hildebrandt

Blender User Stories

How to create clean 3D renders? - Interview with Iman Kimiaei

Daniel Vesterbaek: Choosing Blender for Automotive Rendering

Craig Dockerill: My Blender 3D Hobby

Learn to light with HDR Light Studio and Blender

Try HDR Light Studio today and learn to light with over 1 hour of videos and free Blender scenes.
Click on a tutorial below.

Getting Started Tutorial

1. Blender HDRI Lighting of a Bottle

2. Studio Lighting Car

3. Enhance HDRI Map


Detailed documentation for installation, workflow and more can be found here

Explore all features
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Compatibility + Requirements (Our Latest Connection Build: 2024.0301)

The single installer supports Blender 2.83+ - Windows, MacOS and Linux
Supported Renderers: Cycles, Eevee, Octane, RenderMan
(Octane not supported in Linux)
Now supports Blender on Apple Silicon
Support for Blender 4 has now been added

Software delivery via internet download
Internet connection required for license activation only
HDR Light Studio software requires approx. 200MB disc space
Preset light content requires approx. 8GB disc space
CPU based, no special graphics card required

See the Current Features Compatibility Chart for all Connections here

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This Blender plug-in connection is included with HDR Light Studio Indie, Pro and Automotive

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