HDR Light Studio for Blender

Real-time HDR lighting tools for Blender – HDRI map authoring and HDR Area Lights

HDR Light Studio for Blender

Updated 7th May 2020

Development is now complete for our first Blender Connection release 

The add-on is now being tested in a closed Beta with around 200 users, and it will be ready to release soon
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We just added a video interview to this page with Lexie the developer of the add-on. Watch it to learn about her route to becoming a programmer, why she joined Lightmap, and her experiences developing her first HDR Light Studio connection.


Developer Interview

We interviewed Lexie, the lead developer for the Blender Connection here at Lightmap. We discussed her route to becoming a programmer, why she joined Lightmap, and her experiences developing this Blender add-on.

Example Renders

Blender Renders lit with HDR Light Studio

Some example renders made with Blender and lit using the HDR Light Studio connection.

Tech Preview: HDRI Map Updates

Video added 5th Feb 2020

Our first peek at the development of the Blender Connection. The HDRI map from HDR Light Studio is updating nice and fast in Blender, seen here rendering live with Cycles.

Tech Preview: Embedded Project

Video added 9th March 2020

HDR Light Studio's project is now embedded in the Blender scene. When HDR Light Studio is stopped and restarted, this project is automatically loaded into HDR Light Studio, ready for further editing.

Tech Preview: Scene Sync

Video added 9th March 2020

Pressing the play button in HDR Light Studio's render view, imports the scene geometry and camera from Blender. Lights can be dragged and dropped onto the 3D model to position them, plus repositioned by dragging them on the 3D model.

Tech Preview: 3D Area Lights

3D Area Lights are now working in the add-on. These are not lights on the HDRI map, but actual 3D lights mapped with a HDR texture from HDR Light Studio. As you work in HDR Light Studio the area lights and their shader networks are created and controlled in real-time via the add-on. We learnt a lot about area lights in Blender whilst developing the connection. Here is a tutorial on how to make your own textured area lights manually in Blender, we hope this is useful to you, even if you don't end up using HDR Light Studio.

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