HDR Light Studio for SOLIDWORKS Visualize

HDR Light Studio is a lighting plug-in that is purchased as an add-on to a seat of SOLIDWORKS Visualize. It revolutionizes the quality of images that can be produced.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize ships with a wide range of HDRI environment maps that can be used to light your renders. However for those who are looking to take their images to the next level, for marketing and advertising, you need to be able to take full control of each light’s brightness, position, size and appearance in reflections just as a photographer does in the studio.

Use HDR Light Studio to add one light at a time to the HDRI map, each doing a specific job to highlight the form, a detail or feature.

What do SOLIDWORKS Visualize artists think?

Once you try it you’re hooked. It allows me to create custom HDRI environment maps in minutes to achieve the exact lighting and reflections I envision in my mind. The live integration with SOLIDWORKS Visualize makes placing lights in your scene a breeze, even to the smallest detail. Working in both simultaneously has revolutionized my digital content creation process.

Brian Hillner
Portfolio Manager - SOLIDWORKS Corp

My most favorite feature is the excellent connection to HDR Light Studio. It makes lighting very intuitive and super easy. You get to experiment with powerful features and fancy settings, because you can see the results immediately using the Visualize plug-in.

Peter Hildebrandt
Working Image

Connection Features

Live Editable HDRI Map

Start HDR Light Studio and its live editable HDRI map is now lighting your SOLIDWORKS Visualize render. As you edit the lighting in HDR Light Studio, the SOLIDWORKS Visualize render will also update instantly with the new lighting.

Position Lights by Clicking on the 3D Model

Once your materials have been assigned, and the camera view decided, it’s now time to light your shot. Create a new light in HDR Light Studio - position the light by clicking on the render in SOLIDWORKS Visualize, the light will be moved on the HDRI map to reflect or illuminate that location. Lighting just got easy, fun and creative.

Seamless Integration

The HDR Light Studio lighting project is stored inside the SOLIDWORKS Visualize scene. You can reopen the HDR Light Studio lighting design and make changes. You can create and store many different HDR Light Studio lighting designs in SOLIDWORKS Visualize and hot swap between them. This could be a different lighting design for each camera view or a variety of lighting looks.

More than Studio Lighting

HDR Light Studio is best known for studio lighting. It ships with a large library of photographically captured HDR studio light sources for total photo realism, and includes highly controllable procedural lights allowing gorgeous soft lighting effects and gradients.

You can also use HDR Light Studio to edit and enhance existing HDRI maps - to take more control over the final result. Use HDR Light Studio to tint HDRI maps, add new lights, block lights and much more.

Watch the full video here - https://youtu.be/F-YxbcO8D6w

Made with SOLIDWORKS Visualize and HDR Light Studio


SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2016 (Standard and Pro) - SP1
SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2017 (Standard and Pro) - SP0 and above

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Connection Help Pages

Installation Guide
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Connection User Guide


Customer Spotlight

HDR Light Studio changes the way SOLIDWORKS Visualize Users light their shots.
Here is an excellent article about HDR Light Studio user Peter Hildebrandt

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