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HDR Light Studio revolutionizes the lighting workflow in MODO. It provides a fast, precise and user friendly approach to lighting your shots. Our users spend more time making lighting decisions and exploring lighting options, and less time on tedious setup and trial and error.

HDR Light Studio provides a truly unique lighting solution using a fully interactive HDRI map and Area Lights, working together to light your shot. See your lighting develop in the MODO Preview as you build your lighting in HDR Light Studio.

Connection Features

Shared Map

HDR Light Studio's environment map (canvas) is shared with MODO. During the lighting process a lower resolution map is used for interactive speed. For the final production rendering in MODO - a full resolution, high dynamic range image is generated and passed through the connection.

Area Lights

NEW Area Lights are created and controlled for your renderer by HDR Light Studio through the connection. As lights are adjusted in HDR Light Studio, they are instantly updated in MODO. Area Lights are positioned using LightPaint and Smart Dolly, controlling both the distance and scale of the light in one convenient slider.

Click to Light

Purchasing a connection allows artists to click on the model within MODO viewports to position lights on the map.

Render Support

Supported renderers are MODO, Octane and V-Ray

Embedded Projects

The HDR Light Studio lighting project is embedded within the MODO scene file. So the scene lighting can be reloaded and edited in the future.

Scene Sync

Send the MODO scene directly into the HDR Light Studio as a Collada or Alembic file.

MODO and HDR Light Studio in action

Made with Modo and HDR Light Studio

What do Modo artists think?

HDR Light Studio is the natural evolution of image based lighting… simple interface, interactive feedback and easy integration. If you're tired of hunting through the same old libraries of HDR images looking for one that you can 'make work' (you know who you are) then you really need this program. These guys 'get it'...they do actual production work and it shows in their product.

Greg Leuenberger
CEO, Sabertooth Productions

I’m a graphic designer and Adobe Certified Instructor and HDR changed definitely our approach with light on our 3D projects. It’s simple, speed and user-friendly. It is not necessary to know how manage the light with photographic experience, you have to simply move and livelight make a magic. This software help to us to increase our productivity with Modo and Maxwell Render. Must have!   

Cristian Molon
Owner, Say Design


MODO 10, 902, 901, 801, 701 (SP2+)
Renderers: MODO, Octane and V-Ray


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