HDR Light Studio - Key to Sonoco-Trident 3D Success


Sonoco-Trident is the world’s fastest growing and most innovative digital brand management business. They have been using HDR Light Studio for 2 years now.

Let’s see what Sonoco-Trident 3D artists have to say about HDR Light Studio software.

  • The software allows us to very quickly create very realistic lighting set ups for our CGI scenes. It has completely changed how we build our scenes and allowed us to massively improve the quality of renders we produce.
  • HDR Light Studio is very easy to use, and gives us full control of specific highlights and shadows with its full spectrum of controls, presets and settings.
  • The software is perfect for creating studio style product shots, which is the bulk of what we do at Trident. It has everything you need to recreate a virtual photography studio on your desktop. Having the ability to ‘drag and drop’ a highlight means you can focus on creativity rather than technical limitations. Perfect for people who aren’t very technical, like me!
  • Once we’ve created a HDR Environment Image using the software, we’re then much more free to crank up the render refinement settings – as using one light source means faster render times than those with multiple scene based light sources.
  • The software has played a major part of our success, giving us the ability to take our 3D renders to the next level and allowing us to produce better quality renders in less time.

Its never too late to start your own HDR Light Studio success story.