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HDR Light Studio plugin for Unreal Engine



HDR Light Studio adds a dedicated lighting interface and HDR lighting content to your existing 3D software. Build your own unique HDRI maps and HDR textured area light setups.

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HDR Light Studio User Interface

What is HDR Light Studio?

Create and edit image based lighting

HDR Light Studio adds a dedicated lighting interface and HDR lighting content to your existing 3D software - enabling an easier, faster, precise and more creative way to build your own unique HDRI maps and HDR textured area light setups.

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Lexus ES 350 F Sport by Vasiliy Vatsyk
Marshall Major II Headphones by Giuseppe Alaimo
Grasse Fabulous Perfume by Michael Sapryhin

Quick to learn

Amazing lighting in minutes

HDR Light Studio is very easy to use and fast to learn. Within hours of installing the software, you will be lighting shots to a higher standard and faster than ever before. The small investment of time adding HDR Light Studio to your workflow will pay for itself many times over with time savings and improvements to the quality of your images. 

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"HDR Light Studio is a very helpful tool that's easy to learn and makes me shape the light on any surface easily."

"It's very straightforward, the learning curve is very easy, a few tutorials from the official channel equipped us with the knowledge of all of the available tools and features."

"As a photographer there's no easier way to learn to light in 3D."

Testimonial by Hesham Adel

Hesham Adel

Testimonial by Shoaib Ahmed

Shoaib Ahmed

Testimonial by Benjamin Grimes

Benjamin Grimes

BMW R NineT Pure by Vasiliy Vatsyk
Relonch by PK3D
Kirks Soda by Cream Electric Art

A simple lighting process

Drag and drop lights where needed

Drag and drop lights onto the render

The basic concept of HDR Light Studio is very simple. Drag and drop preset HDR lights where you need them on the live render. The lighting design is updated in your 3D software instantly as you work in HDR Light Studio. There is no need to hunt for the perfect HDR textures, or HDRI maps. Now you can easily make your own custom HDR lighting. 

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"HDR Light Studio... is simple, fast and user-friendly. Be sure to try it."

"HDR Light Studio really helped me match the vision I had in my head when lighting the shot. It was fast, simple, and allowed me more time to focus on other elements of the shot."

"I like the fact that the lighting system in HDR Light Studio is intuitive and simple, and gives a very fast visualization result."

Testimonial by Farid Arajpour

Farid Arajpour

Testimonial by Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield

Testimonial by Vasiliy Vatsyk

Vasiliy Vatsyk

McLaren by Dmitriy Glazyrin
Cadbury Rasberry by Electric Art
Chanel Bottle by DVH Visual Productions


Paint the light positions

LightPaint in action

Clicking and dragging on the model can be used to position lights using LightPaint, our patented approach. Lights can be placed to Reflect, Illuminate or Rim Light the location clicked on the model. LightPaint saves time and allows for the precise placement of lighting effects. The light handle can be moved, so lights can also be positioned by their edge, very handy! 

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Integrates seamlessly with your 3D software

Builds native lighting for your 3D renderer

Press start in your 3D software and HDR Light Studio’s dedicated lighting interface launches in a live-link to your scene. As lighting is added and adjusted in HDR Light Studio, the lighting is built in real-time in your scene in the correct format for the active renderer. After closing HDR Light Studio, your lighting is done and the scene is perfectly lit with native lights.

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"HDR Light Studio integrates flawlessly with my 3D software and helps me focus on lighting in the moment. It is a very successful tool in turning light into art."

"I love the fast interaction between HDR Light Studio and V-Ray which gives me instant feedback when placing and adjusting lights."

Testimonial by Barış Akyüz

Barış Akyüz

Testimonial by Vasiliy Vatsyk

Vasiliy Vatsyk

Max Man Robot by Vincent Salasombath
Hyundai Tucson by Cream Electric Art
Tag Heuer Monaco Watch by Tobi Jenkins

Perfect CG lighting for Studio Shots

Products, Packaging and Automotive

HDR Light Studio is perfect for lighting marketing images of products, cars, jewellery and packaging. To light shiny/reflective materials, you need full control over the position and appearance of the lights. It’s less about illumination and all about the reflections. HDR Light Studio makes it easy to create highly controlled lighting to perfectly enhance these type of high end product shots.

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"In my opinion, HDR Light Studio is one of the best lighting software for products, especially cars."

"It is the best solution for a detailed light setup, which is the most important in product visualisation."

"You can quickly create a studio product shot with HDR Light Studio. You have full control over your lighting and reflections to sculpt your lighting."

Testimonial by AhmadReza Birvand

AhmadReza Birvand

Testimonial by Sergey Egorov

Sergey Egorov

Testimonial by Teeramate V

Teeramate V

HDRI Maps made with HDR Light Studio

You’ll never search for stock HDRI maps again

Your shots deserve custom HDRI lighting

Many HDR Light Studio customers found our web site looking for studio HDRI maps for their renders. However, after trying HDR Light Studio, they understood that each shot deserves it own unique HDR lighting, and as a 3D artist they deserve to learn how to light properly rather than rely on stock lighting.

HDR Light Studio also includes a feature called Rigs. Rig Presets look like HDRI maps but are actually editable lighting projects - provide the perfect starting point for a custom lighting design.

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"HDR Light Studio helped me to illuminate every detail of the watch by creating an HDRI map for each view and watch, in order to enhance every single detail."

Testimonial by Alessandro De Luca

Alessandro De Luca

Credit: Derek DSouza
Credit: Wonder Vision
Credit: Stefanie Braun
Credit: Amador Valenzuela

Add value to your 3D business

with faster, higher quality lighting

Your customers are expecting the highest quality computer generated imagery on tight deadlines and to budget. In a competitive global market for 3D artists, if you can find a tool that can help you work faster and raise your quality, this is valuable to your business. HDR Light Studio customers report that they can light much faster and experiment more freely, leading to more lighting choices for their customers, and to a better final image. HDR Light Studio pays for itself many times over, and this is why it's the lighting solution for thousands of 3D artists world-wide.

customer success stories
Jeep Gladiator Rubicon by Vasiliy Vatsyk
Mars Planet by Electric Art
Bourjois Nail Varnish by Sonoco Trident

More than HDRI maps

Creates HDR Area Lights too

HDR Light Studio is famous for the creation of custom HDRI maps to light your scenes. But HDRI maps have their limitations as the lighting is surrounding and seen by the entire model. What if you want to light a specific detail and have a HDR textured light source in 3D space? You may not know that HDR Light Studio also creates 3D area lights in your scene with mapped HDR textures. This allows specific parts of your scene to be lit, with lights that reflect and illuminate only specific parts of the model. The combination of HDRI map and HDR Area lights makes HDR Light Studio much more useful for a wider variety of lighting tasks.

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Audi Q7 e-tron by Maciej Ptaszynski
Beats Headphones by David Still
Johnnie Walker Can by Ben Greenfield

Creating a HDRI Map is not the goal

A perfectly lit shot is the goal!

If your goal is to make some HDRI maps, there are many ways you can make them. Use a spherical camera in your 3D software or use photo editing software to build or edit a HDRI map.

With HDR Light Studio, the goal is to create an efficient and artist driven way to light a 3D scene. It is true that the medium by which the lighting is shared with your 3D software is a HDRI map... but the map is just the transporter for a perfectly crafted, unique lighting design.

Working directly in the final shot, using LightPaint® and the HDR Presets provides a lighting experience that is unmatched by other methods.

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Rusty Rivets Toy by Brendan McCaffrey
Credit: Brendan McCaffrey
ShhhMouse by Fahredin Kosumi
Credit: Fahredin Kosumi
Headphones by Fahredin Kosumi
Credit: Fahredin Kosumi

A Flexible Subscription

Open old projects without a license

If you light a whole bunch of scenes with HDR Light Studio and don’t renew the license... don’t worry. You can open old 3D scenes lit with HDR Light Studio in your 3D software and still work on the scene and render it - as the lighting created by HDR Light Studio is baked into the scene and does not require an active HDR Light Studio license. A HDR Light Studio license is only required to open the HDR Light Studio interface to create or edit lighting designs.

HDR Light Studio’s 1 year subscription licenses do not auto renew and we don't know/store your payment details.

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