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Real-time HDRI map authoring for LightWave 3D

LightWave3D with HDR Light Studio

"HDR Light Studio gives me super powers when I’m lighting in Lightwave and Octane. It’s FAST and FUN. I’m able to get final lighting in a matter of minutes with many situations. I’ve also have had near impossible lighting situations (shiny metal satellites in space) that I had to ‘light’ with reflections. HDRLS made me and my company look like bad asses when the director saw the shots I did in the final review. Who doesn’t love that? I’m a huge fan of HDR Light Studio and love using it!"

Billy Brooks

VFX Supervisor/Owner

How does HDR Light Studio lighting work with LightWave3D?

HDR Light Studio with LightWave 3D

The model has materials assigned, the camera view is setup, you are now ready to light…

Start HDR Light Studio from the LightWave3D plug-in
Export the LightWave3D scene into HDR Light Studio’s live 3D view
Paint your shot with lights in HDR Light Studio (The HDRI map updates in LightWave3D as you light)
(Optional) Start interactive rendering in LightWave3D and see the results as you light
To finish, HDR Light Studio generates a high-res HDR for your environment light
The completed LightWave3D scene is now ready for rendering locally, or on a farm

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LightWave Customer Stories

Simon Smalley's working using LightWave and HDR Light Studio

Simon Smalley: Living and Breathing Art

Muharraqi Studios – Air Arabia

Muharraqi Studios – Air Arabia

LightWave Gallery

LightWave 3D renders lit with HDR Light Studio

See more images lit with HDR Light Studio at our gallery.

Compatibility (Our Latest Connection Build: 2022.0513)

Compatible with LightWave 3D 2018, 2019, 2020

HDR Light Studio for LightWave3D is compatible with these renderers:
LightWave 3D, Octane

See the Current Features Compatibility Chart PDF here

Plug-in Updates News

19th May 2022 (Plug-in Build: 2022.0513)

Bug fix: Bad memory access in LW2020 that causes a crash

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This LightWave plug-in connection is included with HDR Light Studio Indie, Pro and Automotive

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