HDR Light Studio for DeltaGen

HDR Light Studio revolutionizes the lighting workflow in DeltaGen. It provides a fast, precise and creative approach to lighting. Spend less time with tedious setup or trial and error - gain more time to experiment and polish the final shot.

To use HDR Light Studio live within DeltaGen, purchase HDR Light Studio and the DeltaGen Connection. The Connection creates the bridge between the two apps.

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or find out more about the main HDR Light Studio app here.

Connection Features

Shared Map

HDR Light Studio's environment map (canvas) is shared with DeltaGen. During the lighting process a lower resolution map is used for interactive speed. For the final production rendering in DeltaGen - a full resolution, high dynamic range image is generated and passed through the connection.

Click to Light

Purchasing a connection allows artists to click on the model within DeltaGen viewports to position lights on the map.

Embedded Projects

The HDR Light Studio lighting project is embedded within the DeltaGen scene file. So the scene lighting can be reloaded and edited in the future.


DeltaGen 2018, 2017x, 2017, 13.1, 13, 12.2, 12.1


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