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Real-time HDR lighting tools for Maya – HDRI map authoring and HDR Area Lights

Maya Lighting Plugin

“I used to manually add light sources and enhance the environment in Nuke, but then I discovered HDR Light Studio which allows you to craft lighting really quickly in a nice, intuitive way. It’s a great solution for our commercials team - especially when we are placing a CG character into plate photography as it extends the lighting beyond what is practically achievable on set. Many creatures are reflection-based and it's really nice to be able to place your highlights in specific places, make sure the eye highlights are working really nicely....get a rim on the top the's perfect for that.”

Andrew Rowan-Robinson
Creative Director & Head of CG, Integrated Advertising at Framestore NY

How does HDR Light Studio lighting work with Maya?

HDR Light Studio tethered to Maya

The model has materials assigned, the camera view is setup, you are now ready to light…

Start HDR Light Studio from the Maya plug-in
Press Play and the Maya interactive render shows in HDR Light Studio
Paint your shot with lights in HDR Light Studio (Lights are automatically created in Maya as you light)
Finish - HDR Light Studio generates high-res HDRI images for your lights
The completed Maya scene is now ready for rendering

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HDR Light Studio is a Maya lighting plugin for creating scene lighting in Maya. A huge library of light sources can be dragged and dropped into the scene directly onto a live render. Each light source is easily adjustable in HDR Light Studio's interface, with options including attributes like size, intensity, color - you can easily customize all settings. There is not need to work in Maya and work with the attribute editor. HDR Light Studio is so much faster than your default lighting methods.

HDR Light Studio builds HDRI maps for your environment light and 3D Area Lights with HDR textures. HDRI maps are a great way to create lighting for your Maya scenes. Image based lighting renders fast, and the reflections and illumination from the HDRI map produces photoreal results. HDR Light Studio is fully compatible with Arnold render and creates Arnold lights. Plus supports lots of 3rd party renderers too.

Perfect lighting relies of perfect light sources. HDR Light Studio includes a library of photographic studio lights, windows and even clouds to add to your skies. HDR textures have more information than standard images, providing photoreal reflections and they will illuminate accurately.

Try HDR Light Studio today and see what you can do with advanced HDRI lighting in Maya with Arnold and other renderers. Don't rely on your default lighting methods in Maya, try something new that can save you lots of time and help you deliver higher quality renders.

Maya Lighting Plugin Features

Here you can see the key features of the live-link between HDR Light Studio and Maya

HDR Light Studio plugin for Maya

Live link with HDR Light Studio

Paint Lights in Maya

Paint Light Positions

Make HDRI Maps in Maya

Live HDRI Creation

Edit HDRI Maps in Maya

Live HDRI Editing

HDR Area Lights in Maya

Live 3D HDR Area Lights

HDR Light Sources for Maya

Library of HDR Light Captures

Manage HDRI maps in Maya

Manage HDRIs / Save Light Rigs

HDR Light Studio project stored in Maya

Live Project Sync

Find out more about HDR Light Studio lighting features - visit the main Features web page

Maya Customer Stories

Paul Gawman using HDR Light Studio

Paul Gawman: Striving for Excellence

Luminous Creative Imaging using HDR Light Studio

Luminous Creative Imaging: Dope Not Broke

Marc Greyvenstein using HDR Light Studio

Marc Greyvenstein - McLaren 570S Project

Maya Gallery

Maya renders lit with HDR Light Studio lighting plugin

See more images lit with HDR Light Studio at our gallery.

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Maya Lighting Tutorial

Workflow for using the Maya Connection with V-Ray, Arnold, Octane, Redshift, RenderMan


Detailed documentation for installation, workflow and more can be found here

Compatibility (Our Latest Connection Build: 2024.0327)

New single installer supports Maya 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 - Windows, MacOS and Linux
Renderers: V-Ray, Arnold, Octane, Redshift, RenderMan

Please note: Please use the hotfix 2 build of V-Ray 5 - Dec 9 2020, or later.

Plug-in Updates News

23rd April 2024 (Plug-in Build: 2024.0327)

Maya 2025 support added

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