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HDR Light Studio adds a dedicated lighting interface with HDR lighting content & tools for photorealistic lighting

What is HDR Light Studio?

HDR Light Studio plugin lets you interactively craft and edit HDRI maps for your HDRI Backdrops or Sky Lights in Unreal Engine. It also provides the capability to design custom HDR textures for area lights and build your own area light setups in real-time.

Why do I need it?

HDR Light Studio plugin not only simplifies the lighting process by removing guesswork through LightPainting but also offers a comprehensive toolkit for precision, efficiency, and customization. With HDR Light Studio, you possess the ultimate solution for attaining top-tier Unreal Engine 5 lighting

Is it for me?

If you're in automotive, design, product or packaging, then HDR Light Studio is your go-to lighting companion featuring hundreds of HDR lighting content. It excels in studio lighting, offering vital control over individual lights for Unreal Engine projects that contain chrome, matte, or satin materials. Don't compromise on slow and ordinary Unreal Engine 5 lighting!

HDR Light Studio lighting plugin for Unreal Engine 5 is now available. Start your lighting journey today!

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HDR Light Studio User Interface in Connection with Unreal Engine 5

All-in-one Lighting Plugin

Indulge in the transformation of your lighting workflow with our lighting plugin for Unreal Engine that can do it all. Integrate HDR Light Studio for instant great lighting companionship. Thanks to our collaboration with creative studios and professionals, HDR Light Studio offers a feature-packed solution for all of your lighting needs.

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HDR Light Studio for Unreal Engine Documentation

Credit: Ben Walker - CreateCG

Amazing Lighting in just Minutes from Getting Started

HDR Light Studio has a stellar reputation among our users for its creative and fast lighting techniques. Thoughtfully engineered with time-conscious artists in mind, it excels in providing immediate lighting results. Unlocking the power of HDR Light Studio in Unreal Engine is as easy as following the workflow tutorial in our online documentation. In just minutes after installation, Unreal Engine users can comfortably use HDR Light Studio.

See HDR Light Studio for Unreal Engine Documentation

Compatibility & Requirements

HDR Light Studio Plugin for Unreal Engine 5 (Build: 2024.0509)

HDR Light Studio plugin for Unreal Engine is available with HDR Light Studio - Automotive licenses

Operating system: Windows 10 & 11
Unreal Engine: Official major & minor releases of 5.2.1, 5.3.x, & 5.4.x

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Plug-in Updates News

22nd May 2024 (Plug-in Build: 2024.0509)

Updated to be compatible with Unreal 5.4. Source code for the plug-in is included so the Unreal Editor can automatically recompile it to match your build of the Unreal Editor if different to the version we have compiled against.

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