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Licensing is a big topic. You can read more about activation codes, nodelocked and floating licenses, license servers and the structure of license keys on our dedicated license page. Read more...

Transferring licenses

If your computer has been stolen or is broken and you are unable to run HDR Light Studio, you are entitled to transfer your license key to another computer. You are permitted to do this once per year, and no more. Read more...

Activating a Floating License

If you have an rlm license server up and running and know how to install a floating license, click here to generate your floating license key from your activation code. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, follow this step-by-step guide to getting your floating license to work.

Activating a Node-locked License

If you have problems activating your node-locked license in the product you can, click here to generate your node-locked license key from your activation code.

Important Notice:
We advise that you enter the activation code, for your node-locked software, directly into HDR Light Studio during start-up. This will automatically retrieve your licenses via the internet and install them for you. This web based activation page is provided only for users without an internet connection on the computer where HDR Light Studio is installed.

User Guide

Problems using the software?

Have a read of our Online User Guide or PDF User Guide. This will explain how to install, license and use the software to light models. It also covers getting your connections to work.


If you have already purchased HDR Light Studio or any of the connections and want to download the latest version of the software please visit the downloads page. You will need to log in to download any software.

FAQs For Current Release

How do I renew my HDR Light Studio Subscription or Maintenance?

Read about Subscription renewal here:
Read about Maintenance and renewal here:

Why is HDR Light Studio is crashing when I try to open or save a file (I have a Dell Computer)?

Some Dell Computers have pre-installed a 'Dell Backup and Recovery Solution'. This Dell software has a fault that can cause other applications that use QT for their GUI (like HDR Light Studio and many other apps) to crash. Please disable or uninstall this Dell Backup and Recovery Solution shell extension to prevent HDR Light Studio 5 from crashing when trying to open or save a files.

How do I transfer my license to a new or second computer?

If you want to install HDR Light Studio on to a new or second computer, you will need to login to your account at and go to the License Transfer page:

Here you will enter your current activation code, and a new activation code will be provided to generate new licenses for the new computer. This will not deactivate the license on the current computer. You can use this feature once per year.

I am running HDR Light Studio on Mac OS X. I have a valid license but the application shows the red unlicensed watermark. There is an error message that says: The host [] is currently using this license.

This is due to a conflict between our licensing that prevents remote terminal use and Apple's "Back to My Mac" feature which enables this functionality. Currently the only solution is to switch off the "Back to My Mac" feature while running HDR Light Studio. To do this, go to System Preferences > iCloud and uncheck the box next to ‘Back to My Mac'

I am a freelancer and I want to use HDR Light Studio when I am at my client's office, using their computer, how can I do this?

If you choose a floating license, you can run the floating license server software on your laptop to serve it to across the network to other computers where you are working.

FAQs For Previous Versions

How do I relicense my HDR Light Studio 4 software?

Customers wishing to download legacy installers or re-license their legacy software, please email for help, including your old order number.

Where can I find Help web pages for my HDR Light Studio 4 software?

HDR Light Studio 4 help files are still available here:

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