HDR Light Studio 8 - Quick Start

Level: Beginner
HDR Light Studio Version: 8.1
Software used: HDR Light Studio (standalone/main app)
Video Length: 28:07

Watch this video first to learn how to use HDR Light Studio and its key concepts.


  1. bathroom_4k.exr

Learning Resources:

  1. Scrim Light Tutorials
  2. How to use the Smart Dolly Scalar?
  3. Learn more about the Production Render Panel
  4. How to use HDR Light Studio connected to your 3D software?
  5. Preset System Tutorials
  6. Light Looks Tutorials
  7. Composite Light Tutorials

Finished watching this Quick Start? Here's what's next:

Watch a video teaching you how to use HDR Light Studio connected to your 3D software, see our Get Started with Connections playlist.

Using an older version of HDR Light Studio?
If you are using HDR Light Studio Xenon Drop 4.2 (build: 2022.0426) or older, you can watch the old version of the quick start video here.


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