Lighting Makeover 02: Nissan Qashqai Car

HDR Light Studio Version: Tungsten Drop 2
Software used: Cinema 4D R20 with Redshift
Video Length: 50:10

A video tutorial on how to transform a 3D Nissan Qashqai car image to the next level using the power of CG lighting. Cars are really reflective - with chrome, glass and painted metal surfaces, and every cars’ shape and design is unique. So, it makes sense that the lighting will also be unique to that car and the chosen camera angle. If you move the camera angle, the reflections will move. The aim of the image is to make the car design look really good. Therefore, the lighting needs to compliment the styling lines and the form of the vehicle. In fact, lighting is actually used to reveal the design of the car through a single image.

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