Lighting Session 01 with Phil Sills

We have great pleasure in sharing our first 'lighting session' with you.

The concept of our 'lighting sessions' is for co-founder Mark Segasby to light a shot using HDR Light Studio with creative direction from a professional photographer. We record the whole process for you from beginning to end.

Watching this video will give you an insight into the thought processes and decisions that a professional photographer makes when lighting a shot in the studio. See how this is translated into CGI using HDR Light Studio.

These sessions are unrehearsed, but the photographer is shown the subject we are going to light beforehand.

In this video, Phil Sills is the professional photographer directing the lighting session of a simple pair of vases.

Video Contents:

Introduction from Mark 00:00
About Phil Sills 00:39
Lighting Session Starts 01:20
Retouching 1:28:43


You can see Phil Sills folio of work here:

You can see Phil Sills product photography training course here:

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