Advance your skills and knowledge of HDR Light Studio

Getting Started: Maya Connection

How to use HDR Light Studio with the Maya connection.

Getting Started: Octane Render Standalone Connection

Watch HDR Light Studio connection for Octane Render Standalone in action.

Lighting with Houdini & Redshift

Workflow of lighting a scene with HDR Light Studio in conjuction with Houdini and Redshift.

Light Properties: Value Blend

Learn about the new light property in HDR Light Studio; value blend.

Content Type: Box Gradient

Learn about the new content type in HDR Light Studio; box gradient.

Jagged Edges

Here are some tips to help you fix jagged edges on lights when using HDR Light Studio.

New Render View - In Detail

Learn about the new render view in HDR Light Studio Carbon and discover new ways to use it.

Advanced Rotations for Area Lights

How to use the advanced rotation controls for area lights.

Adding New Content to HDRI Maps

How to add new content to existing HDRI maps.

Advanced Rotations for lights on HDRI Maps

How to use the advanced rotation controls for lights on the HDRI map.

Light Handles

Learn the benefits of repositionable light handles.

Using Area Lights in HDR Light Studio with 3ds Max

See how you can use area lights in HDR Light Studio with the 3ds Max connection.

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