Advance your skills and knowledge of HDR Light Studio

Advanced Motion Blur Tutorial

Watch a demonstration of the features in Advanced Motion Blur.

Motion Blur - Tutorial 1

Watch this video first to learn how to use the Motion Blur filter.

Motion Blur - Tutorial 2

This video shows you how to motion blur only the foreground of the HDRI map.

Motion Blur - Tutorial 3

This video will teach you how to use an alpha image when using motion blur.

Multiple Lighting Projects with Cinema 4D Takes

Learn how to use HDR Light Studio with Cinema 4D 'Takes' system.

Blurring Area Lights

Learn how to Blur area lights using the Diffusion filter.

Introducing Diffusion Filter

This video teaches you how to use the new Diffusion Filter in HDR Light Studio - Xenon Drop 2.

Introducing Light Looks

New in Xenon Drop 2, we show you how to use Light Looks.

Blender - HDRLS World Behavior

This video explains how HDR Light Studio works with the Blender World.

Area Light Distance Scale

This video explains how to change the distance scale for Area Lights.

1. Introduction to Presets

Understand the different types of Presets in HDR Light Studio.

2. Rig Presets

Learn how to use and save Rigs, plus have a tour of included Rigs.

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