Advance your skills and knowledge of HDR Light Studio

Getting Started 10 - Loading an Existing HDRI Map

Learn how to load any existing HDRI map to your project.

Getting Started 11 - Deleting a Light

Find out how to delete your light in HDR Light Studio.

Getting Started 12 - Re-ordering Lights

Change the order of lights in your light list to achieve different lighting designs.

Getting Started 13 - Renaming Lights

How to rename your light for better lighting organization.

Getting Started 14 - Mapping

Learn about different mapping methods and how they affect your lighting.

Getting Started 15 - Cookies

Learn how cookies work and how they affect your rendering region of a light.

Getting Started 16 - Blend Modes

Learn about each blend mode in HDR Light Studio and their uses.

Getting Started 17 - Content Types

Learn about different content types and how they affect the appearance of your lights.

Getting Started 18 - Value Blend

Find out how you can lighten or darken areas of a main content.

Getting Started 19 - Alpha Multiply

Familiarise yourself with Alpha Multiply and its use, e.g. cutting a light.

Getting Started 20 - The Light Types on the Tool Bar

Familiarise yourself with different types of lights available on the tool bar of HDR Light Studio.

Getting Started 21 - Presets

Learn how to use each preset type and see their effects.

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