Advance your skills and knowledge of HDR Light Studio

Introducing Diffusion Filter

This video teaches you how to use the new Diffusion Filter in HDR Light Studio - Xenon Drop 2.

Introducing Light Looks

New in Xenon Drop 2, we show you how to use Light Looks.

Lighting Session 01 with Phil Sills

We light a shot using HDR Light Studio with creative direction from professional photographer Phil Sills.

How to Install HDR Light Studio Floating Licenses

This video will show you how to install floating licenses purchased for HDR Light Studio.

How to Install HDR Light Studio DEMO with Blender [Windows]

This video will teach you how to install HDR Light Studio to use with Blender on a Windows machine.

Getting Started: Blender Connection

Understanding how to use HDR Light Studio with Blender

Blender Lighting Tutorial 01: Lighting the Bottle

Learn to light a bottle in Blender.

Blender Lighting Tutorial 02: Smart Car Studio Lighting

Learn to studio light a car in Blender.

Blender Lighting Tutorial 03: Smart Car - Enhancing a HDRI...

Learn to enhance a HDRI environment in Blender.

Blender - HDRLS World Behavior

This video explains how HDR Light Studio works with the Blender World.

Area Light Distance Scale

This video explains how to change the distance scale for Area Lights.

5 Tips for Better Studio Lighting

After hours of hard work modelling your scene, it deserves to be seen in its best light.

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