Advance your skills and knowledge of HDR Light Studio

How to Color your Lights

This short video will show you how to change the color of a light created in HDR Light Studio.

Getting Started: All-in-one (Part 01-22)

Prefer to learn everything that you need to know about HDR Light Studio in a single video? Watch this 38:08 mins video.

Remove Unwanted Reflections from HDRI Maps

Watch how to remove unwanted reflections from an existing HDRI Map and which are visible on your 3D scene/model.

Create a Light Blocker

Watch this short video to see how to add a light blocker to an existing HDRI Map.

Shine a Light into a HDRI Map

This video will show you how to shine a light into areas of an existing HDRI Map.

Swap the Appearance of a Light

Watch this video to see how to swap the appearance of a light in just 2 clicks!

Lock a Light to be Vertical

We show you how to lock a light to always be vertical when positioning it.

Position a Light by its Edge

This short video will show you how to move and rotate an Area Light or a light on a HDRI Map by its edge.

Toggle multiple lights to Area Lights

We show you how to convert a selection of multiple lights on a HDRI Map into 3D Area Lights in HDR Light Studio.

Add Lights to HDRI Maps

This quick video will show you how to add lights to an existing HDR Map using HDR Light Studio.

Tracing Paper Effect

Learn how to mimic lighting through tracing paper to diffuse the light and reflections.

Blurring Area Lights

Learn how to Blur area lights using the Diffusion filter.

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