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What's New? Tungsten - Drop 4

Preset System Enhancements, Updated Compatibility and more.

What's New? Tungsten - Drop 3

Updated Houdini Connection with support for V-Ray, Octane, RenderMan and more.

What's New? Tungsten - Drop 2

New workflows for Cinema 4D and MODO and more.

What's New? Carbon - Tungsten Drop 1

Composites and a new product range.

What's New? Carbon - Drop 5

Resync button is added to the render view, Rhino 6 is released with an updated workflow and more.

What's New? Carbon - Drop 4

Gamma control on images, new ways to apply content presets, batch import images as Presets.

What's New? Carbon - Drop 3

Expanded Presets System, Octane Render Standalone Connection, Updated Houdini Connection.

What's New? Carbon - Drop 2

Exposure stops, Value Blend, Box Gradient, Region Zoom.

What's New? Carbon - Drop 1

Interactive render from 3D software inside HDR Light Studio interface.

What's New? 5.4

Movable Light Handle, 3 axis rotation, Orientation Locks.

What's New? 5.3

Introduces Area Lights - 3D Lights/Emitters with mapped HDRI content.

What's New? 5.0

Introducing a new configurable to your needs interface and the possibility to load your own images.

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