Advance your skills and knowledge of HDR Light Studio

Enhancing a Single Light

How to add hot spots to an overhead softbox for a more dynamic lighting.

Studio Lighting blended with a HDRI map

How to incorporate the character and interesting reflections, that come from the HDRI map, into studio lighting.

Windows through to a HDRI map

How to use window Gobo lights as a mask through to an outdoor HDRI map.

Mixing regions of different HDRI maps

How to blend regions of 2 different HDRI maps into a single lighting design using Composites.

Moving a region of a HDRI map (Cloning)

Use Composites to move a specific region of a HDRI map, and to produce a more flattering reflection on the car.

Controlling lighting in existing HDRI maps

How to use Composites to dissect an existing HDRI map, to then be able to control individual lights.

Getting Started: 3ds Max Connection

How to use HDR Light Studio with the 3ds Max connection.

Improved 3ds Max Workflow

Learn how to improve your workflow with HDR Light Studio Carbon in conjunction with 3ds Max.

Using Area Lights in HDR Light Studio with 3ds Max

See how you can use area lights in HDR Light Studio with the 3ds Max connection.

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