HDR Light Studio for LightWave 3D

Real-time HDRI map authoring for LightWave 3D

HDR Light Studio transforms your LightWave3D lighting workflow

Studio lighting with HDR Light Studio

Create studio lighting

Use HDR Light Studio to match a back plate

Lighting to match back-plate image

Use HDR Light Studio to edit HDRI maps

Editing existing HDRI environments

How does HDR Light Studio work with LightWave3D?

HDR Light Studio with LightWave 3D

The model has materials assigned, the camera view is setup, you are now ready to light…

Start HDR Light Studio from the LightWave3D plug-in
Export the LightWave3D scene into HDR Light Studio’s live 3D view
Paint your shot with lights in HDR Light Studio (The HDRI map updates in LightWave3D as you light)
(Optional) Start interactive rendering in LightWave3D and see the results as you light
To finish, HDR Light Studio generates a high-res HDR for your environment light
The completed LightWave3D scene is now ready for rendering locally, or on a farm

"HDR Light Studio has really changed the way I do my product/package renders. It's really faster and very, very intuitive. And the integration with LightWave3D is amazing, completely lag free, with an immediate feedback."

Luis Lopes

CG Artist


Made with LightWave 3D and HDR Light Studio

Take HDR Light Studio for a spin with LightWave 3D



• Software delivery via internet download
• Internet connection required for license activation
• HDR Light Studio software requires approx. 200MB disc space
• Preset light content requires approx. 7GB disc space
• CPU based, no special graphics card required
• Compatible with Windows and MacOS
• Compatible with LightWave 3D 2018, 2019

HDR Light Studio for LightWave3D is compatible with these renderers:
LightWave 3D, Octane

See the Current Features Compatibility Chart PDF here