Cinema 4D Connection - Quick Start Video

Level: Beginner
HDR Light Studio Version: Xenon Drop 3
Software used: HDR Light Studio (standalone/main app & connection) + Cinema 4D
Video Length: 16:30

This Quick Start video tutorial will teach you how to use HDR Light Studio via the Connection with Cinema 4D supporting renderers: Arnold, Corona, Octane, Physical, Redshift, V-Ray 5.

Ensure you have installed both the HDR Light Studio main application and the HDR Light Studio Connection for Cinema 4D.
For compatibility ensure you are running 'at least' these renderer versions:
V-Ray Version: 5, Octane Version: 2018.1.3 (Octane 5) or 4.04-R2 (Octane 4), Arnold Version: 2.5.0, Redshift Version: 2.6.40

HDR Light Studio - Quick Start Video: Watch
Interface Layouts Gallery: See here

Cinema 4D Demo Projects:

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