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For Professional 3D Computer Graphic Artists and 3D Visualizers that want to light their shots faster, more creatively, and to a higher standard. HDR Light Studio is a dedicated lighting application that removes tedious setup and guesswork from the lighting process. The lighting created inside HDR Light Studio is then used by your existing 3D software to light the final render.

Dedicated Lighting Interface

The HDR Light Studio interface is 100% focused on lighting your shot.

Get the 'right lights' in the 'right place' with instant visual feedback.
Drag and drop lights onto the Real-time Render View.
Click and drag on the 3D model to reposition lights.

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Image Based Lighting

HDR Light Studio is the evolution of image based lighting. It's an interactive authoring tool for HDRI maps.
Lighting created in HDR Light Studio is shared with your 3D software as a HDRI map. This lighting format is compatible with all major 3D software.

Use HDR Light Studio to:
Create perfect and complex studio lighting setups - using procedural and photographic HDR light sources.
Take control of an existing HDRI map - with local color/brightness adjustments and adding new light sources.
Build convincing lighting for an existing back-plate - where no existing HDRI map is available.


Connections are plug-ins that create a link between HDR Light Studio and your 3D software.

Lighting updates in real-time in your 3D software as changes are made in HDR Light Studio.

Supported Connections...

Perfect Renders

Here are some of the images created with HDR Light Studio.

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HDR Light Studio 5 is a great improvement over the previous version. With an improved UI, better and smarter controls and improved connectivity, it really helps speed up the complex lighting setups. We liked version 4, we got a major crush on 5!

Fedde Souverein
CG Supervisor at Souverein Weesp BV

I’ve been using HDR Light Studio extensively for the last 2-3 years. With HDR Light Studio 5 the interface has become even more intuitive and most settings are now accessible with a single click making lighting setups even faster.

Frederik Tennholt
Owner/CG artist at Good Monday
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