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23rd November 2020

Houdini 18.5 Support Released

HDR Light Studio plug-in connection for Houdini 18.5 is now out!
18th November 2020

Black Friday Sale 2020

Save up to 30% in our 2020 Black Friday Sale
22nd September 2020

CINEMA 4D R23 Support Released

Updated HDR Light Studio plug-in connection for CINEMA 4D R23 is now out!
11th September 2020

Mclaren 570 - Blender and HDR Light Studio

We spoke to Steven Hellemans to find out how HDR Light Studio helped him light his latest beautiful set of automotive...
10th September 2020

Free Blender 2.8 Lighting Tutorials

Our 4 part tutorial series teaches an absolute beginner how to create perfect lighting with Blender 2.83 or higher.
8th September 2020

Lightmap brings HDR Light Studio to Blender

Today, Lightmap released its new Blender connection for HDR Light Studio.
8th September 2020

Lightmap releases HDR Light Studio - Xenon

Today, Lightmap released HDR Light Studio - Xenon.
8th September 2020

Daniel Vesterbaek: Choosing Blender for Automotive Rendering

Lightmap speaks to commercial 3D artist and long-term Blender user Daniel Vesterbaek.
8th September 2020

Craig Dockerill - My Blender 3D Hobby

Craig pursues 3D art as a hobby, is a keen Blender user and an early champion for the Blender Connection.
24th August 2020

Maintenance Renewal Changes and Sale

We have upgraded our HDR Light Studio maintenance renewals system.
28th April 2020

Stefanie Braun: Light Reveals Character

Technical car visual specialist Stefanie Braun guides us through the process of creating the perfect workflow.
16th April 2020

3DS MAX 2021 and DELTAGEN 2020x

Updated Connection Compatibility