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10th August 2023

Houdini & Omniverse Plug-in Update

New plug-ins released for Houdini and Omniverse USD Composer.
1st June 2023

How to Use Real-World HDRi Maps in Your Creative Process

With this guest post, Roberto Kai Hegeler from CGI Backgrounds talks about real-world environments and enhancing them...
3rd May 2023

HDR Light Studio 8 released

HDR Light Studio adds Scrim Lights and an enhanced LightPaint system.
3rd May 2023

Mark Zawila on HDR Light Studio 8

We talk to beta tester Mark Zawila about his experience with HDR Light Studio 8.
3rd March 2023

What is a Scrim Light?

In this article, we learn about Scrim Lights and why they are so important for studio photography.
27th September 2022

How to make perfect Product Renders

In this article, we teach the process for creating perfect product renders.
20th September 2022

Learn about Product Rendering

Learn about what product rendering/visualization is and how it's used for presentation and marketing.
14th September 2022

What is a Car Rendering?

This article explains what Car Rendering is and the leading 3D software used in the Automotive CGI process
4th August 2022

Blender Addon Update

New plug-ins released for Blender, fixing issues with area light creation in Blender Octane Edition.
1st August 2022

Support added for Houdini 19.5, and V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max

New plug-ins released for 3ds Max (now supports V-Ray 6) and Houdini 19.5.
19th May 2022

Our first Apple Silicon Plug-ins Are Released

Cinema 4D 26 and Blender adds Apple Silicon Support
17th May 2022

How do you make an HDRI Map?

We explore the various methods and gear required for making your own HDRI maps for image based lighting.