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1st May 2024

Elevating the Rum's Aura with Blender Lighting

A Blender user shares their workflow with the HDR Light Studio add-on and compares it to Blender's built-in tools.
3rd May 2023

Mark Zawila on HDR Light Studio 8

We talk to beta tester Mark Zawila about his experience with HDR Light Studio 8.
28th January 2022

Matching Photographic Lighting in Maya

We talked to Andrew Daffy about using HDR Light Studio on a recent commercial for BUGABOO
8th December 2021

How to create clean 3D renders? - Interview with Iman...

Iman Kimiaei talks all about his 3D workflow and goes in depth about how lighting helps him achieve clean renders.
3rd June 2021

Nei Ramos: Lighting the Delicious

Nei is a freelance 3D artist who lives in Milan, working in a small family studio and creating food CGI.
18th May 2021

Interview with Lyon Visuals, Visualization Studio

After seeing beautiful renders by Lyon Visuals, we had to hear their story from a business and creative point of view!
9th March 2021

Interview with Marius Wilkens-Zimmermann, Digital Artist

If you're looking for some advice on how to find your purpose in the 3D industry, watch this interview with Marius!
3rd March 2021

Vincent Salasombath: It all started with watches

Swiss French 3D artist has a striking sense of detail and a gift for bringing flair to images of everyday objects.
9th February 2021

Andre Caputo: Developing a Personal Brand

A reputable 3D Artist shares thoughts about building a career in 3D Art and developing a personal brand.
24th November 2020

Q&A with Mike Campau, Digital Artist

Watch a Q&A with Mike to hear his story on how he became successful, his worfklow, key tips and much more.
11th September 2020

Mclaren 570 - Blender and HDR Light Studio

We spoke to Steven Hellemans to find out how HDR Light Studio helped him light his latest beautiful set of automotive...
8th September 2020

Daniel Vesterbaek: Choosing Blender for Automotive Rendering

Lightmap speaks to commercial 3D artist and long-term Blender user Daniel Vesterbaek.