HDR Light Studio 8.2.1 released

HDR Light Studio 8.2.1

Today, Lightmap announces the immediate availability of HDR Light Studio 8.2.1 (build: 2024.0307). This new build of HDR Light Studio does not add any new features to the main application but is required to work correctly with plug-in updates, including plug-ins for MODO 17 and Rhino 8.

What's New?


Modo Plug-in Connection

Build: 2024.0318

  • Support for Modo 17 has been added.
  • Support removed for Modo 14.
  • Bug fix: A MODO crash has been fixed caused by starting the Octane interactive render inside HDR Light Studio. The bug fix is effective in Octane version 2023.1.2.199+. For users running MODO 17 which includes Octane Prime, MODO 17.0v2+ is required for the bug fix to be effective.

    The crash was due to Octane Authentication, and a workaround for this was to open the Octane viewport in Modo before starting the Octane Interactive Render inside HDR Light Studio.
    Users running Octane version older than 2023.1.2.199 or MODO 17 version older than 17.0v2 will see an activation pop-up when starting HDR Light Studio 8.2.1.



Rhino Plug-in Connection

Build: 2024.0307

  • Support added for Rhino 8.
  • Bug fix: HDR Light Studio will no longer stop working when working with multiple Rhino scenes in a single session (but not simultaneously).
  • Bug fix: Rhino has fixed a bug where Cycles rendered black in Rhino 8, showing no lighting from the HDRI map created using HDR Light Studio. Rhino build 8.5.24064.03001 or higher is required for the bug fix to be effective.


3ds Max

3ds Max Plug-in Connection

Build: 2024.0325

  • Bug fix: 3ds Max won't crash anymore if you use the Environment Fire effect along with the HDR Light Studio plug-in.



Omniverse Plug-in Connection

Build: 2024.0403

  • The minimum supported version has been updated to Omniverse 2023.2.2+.
  • Bug fix: The camera list will no longer be empty when starting the interactive render inside the HDR Light Studio interface.
  • Bug fix: The issue where missing textures were occasionally not applied upon stopping the HDR Light Studio connection without rendering the final production HDR textures has been resolved.

HDR Light Studio 8.2.1 - Compatibility

Operating System Requirements:

Windows: 10, 11
Mac OS: 11.4 (Big Sur) or later
Linux: Centos 7.9 and compatible distributions

For full details of compatibility and features for each HDR Light Studio plug-in, see our Compatibility Chart.


Customers with active Subscriptions or Maintenance can download and install the updated Plug-in Connections today. To download the new builds, please login to your account here and go to the downloads area.

HDR Light Studio and the updated Plug-in Connections are available to try and buy today.

Coming Soon

We are completing final QA testing on the following plug-ins and will release them within a few days.

  • Support for 3ds Max 2025.
  • Support for Maya 2025.
  • A crucial fix addressing a breaking change in Blender 4.1.
Coming Soon: 3ds Max 2025, Maya 2025 and Blender 4.1.

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