HDR Light Studio - Indie Pricing

Example Product renders lit with HDR Light Studio

HDR Light Studio - Indie License Price Increase

From 1st May 2022 the price for HDR Light Studio ‘Indie’ 1-year license increases to £145/$220/€195.

Buy Now For The Lower Price

You can still buy a HDR Light Studio Indie 1-year license from now and up to the end of April 2022 for £95/$140/€125. So now is a great time to buy at the current lower price, if you are eligible.

A Good Time To Renew

If your Indie license has expired and you want to use HDR Light Studio over the coming year, now is also a great time to renew. Renewing an Indie license is as simple as purchasing another Indie license from our online store.

Even if your current Indie license has not expired yet, it may still be worth renewing your license. The 1-year license duration starts from the activation date and not from the purchase date. You have up to 30 days to activate the license and begin the one year license period. The maximum end date for a license can be no more than 1 year and 1 month from the purchase date.

CGI lit with HDR Light Studio

About HDR Light Studio Indie

Indie licenses have the exact same features and plugins as Pro licenses but at a reduced cost for Indie artists with Revenue under $100k (Approx. £76k/€90k). For full details on Indie eligibility please read here.

HDR Light Studio ‘Indie’ licenses include plugin connections to 3ds MaxBlenderCinema 4DHoudiniLightWave3DMaxwell StudioMayaMODOOctane StandaloneOmniverse (Coming Soon)Rhino3D & SOLIDWORKS Visualize.

About our 1 Year Subscription Licenses

If you light a whole bunch of scenes with HDR Light Studio and don’t renew the license... don’t worry. You can open old 3D scenes lit with HDR Light Studio in your 3D software and still work on the scene and render it - as the lighting created by HDR Light Studio is baked into the scene and does not require an active HDR Light Studio license. A HDR Light Studio license is only required to open the HDR Light Studio interface to create or edit lighting designs.

HDR Light Studio’s 1-year subscription licenses do not auto-renew and we don't know/store your payment details.