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A video showing a scrim light being adjusted.

Scrim Light

Scrim Lights are easy to control, real-time, and produce very realistic studio lighting effects. The light source is easily positioned behind the scrim using the interactive top and front views of the scrim setup. Keyboard shortcuts let you change modes to manipulate the light position and its properties. It's liberating to control the appearance of a light in an intuitive physical way.

Real-World Scrim Light Example 1
HDR Light Studio Scrim Light Example 2
HDR Light Studio Scrim Light Example 3

The first two images show real-world examples of scrim lights in a photography studio, while the last two images showcase scrim lighting setups created in HDR Light Studio.

A video showing the polygon being adjusted to change the shape, softness and roundness of a light.


The Polygon is a simple content type that's useful for controlling the shape of lights when it's used on Alpha Multiply. Polygon includes controls for the number of sides, edge softness, and corner radius.

Video shows adjusting the horizontal and vertical gradient ramps of a box gradient, along with showcasing a few preset examples.

Box Gradient

Box Gradient is a blended horizontal and vertical gradient ramp and can produce a wide range of lighting effects. BoxGradient is perfect for controlling the location and softness of the 4 edges of the light when using it on Alpha Multiply. Open up the Gradient Editor panel for a ramp to gain even more control.

A video showing adjusting the bulb's width, position and fall-off, along with showcasing a few preset examples.


Bulb is a basic light type with a default setting of a soft round light. A ramp controls the brightness of the light from the center to its edge. The width of the bulb can be increased to fill the light width, this results in a gradient effect. The light can be chopped in half and the extent of the light can be constrained to fit within the light. Open up the Gradient Editor panel for a ramp to create a perfect fall-off of light for the bulb.

A video showing adjusting linear and radial gradient, along with showcasing a few preset examples.


Linear and Radial gradients are controlled with 3 independent ramps for value, alpha, and color. Vertical gradients are useful for creating a background for the lighting design. Open up the Gradient Editor panel for a ramp to gain fine control over the values and interpolation.

A video showcasing some image content lights available from the presets library.


Load images into HDR Light Studio to add realistic HDR light sources, photographic HDR environments, alpha masks, and more. The Presets Library contains a wealth of photographic captures of HDR studio lighting, sample HDRI maps, lighting effects, alpha masks, and even Clouds.

HDR Light Studio uses OpenImageIO. Using .tx files allows HDR Light Studio to handle many hi-resolution images efficiently while maintaining fast performance.

Video shows adjusting the elevation, turbidity, fall-off & size of the sun on a procedural sky. Towards the end, clouds are added from the preset library.


HDR Light Studio includes a procedural sky shader. Replace the sky on an existing HDRI map and use an alpha ramp to control the horizon position and softness. Drag and drop the included Cloud preset images onto the sky for added realism. The sun disc can be increased in size whilst maintaining its overall lighting contribution, allowing for creative decisions about the sun scale. The sun disc has a controllable soft edge.

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