Campus Licenses

If you teach students computer graphics, lighting, design or visualization, you can apply for a campus licenses giving both you and all your students access to HDR Light Studio.

To qualify you need to be a lecturer, teacher or training professional at a further education or training institution that awards degrees or certificates. Faculty licenses must only be used for teaching students. They are free of charge and provide access for up to 100 students for 1 year. Faculty licenses can be renewed annually.

To apply, please fill out the following form:

Your Details and Course Details

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Your Technical Contact Details

IT Support for correspondence related to installing and licensing.

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RLM Server Details

We use and will issue you with RLM floating licenses for HDR Light Studio.
To see how to install these and how to find your server settings please see here.

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Server Port
How many licenses do you need?

We would normally supply a license for one year (renewable each year) but if there is a specific date in your academic calendar that would be more convenient to expire the license, please let us know.

Ideal Expiry Date

General Questions

Use this box to enter any questions or additional information regarding your enquiry.