What's New? Carbon - Drop 5

HDR Light Studio
Resync button has been added to the Render View (HDR Light Studio). When using HDR Light Studio standalone - the resync button will reload the current scene back into the Render View. When using HDR Light Studio connected to a 3D app - the resync button will open the 'Import Scene Geometry' panel - so you can re-import the scene from your host 3D software. This is useful if you have made changes to the scene in your 3D software.

Rhino 6 Connection - (Open Beta Version)
Rhino 6 support is now released with a new updated Connection workflow. Rhino's rendered viewport is now displayed inside the HDR Light Studio interface where users can paint the shot with lighting. Compatible with Cycles, Octane, V-Ray, and other renderers using the Rhino Environments for lighting. See it in action

Octane Standalone Connection
Octane Standalone version 4 is now supported

Octane Render version 4
Octane 4 has now been tested and we can confirm is compatible with our 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, MODO and Rhino 6 Connection.

MODO Connection
Fixed bug where initial state of lighting shared with Modo was black until one lighting change was made.

Maya Connection
Fixed a bug resulting in duplicated area lights caused by a change in Arnold 3.1.1

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