HDR Light Studio - Xenon Drop 3

Today, Lightmap announces the immediate availability of HDR Light Studio - Xenon Drop 3.

What's New?

Motion Blur

The Motion Blur filter provides a fast and easy to use method for adding linear motion blur to HDRI lighting. Click on the HDR Canvas to pick the direction and set the length of the blur - it's that easy.

Motion Blur in action

With Motion Blur in HDR Light Studio you can:

  • Easily add linear motion blur to HDRI maps
  • Add motion blur to an edited HDRI map
  • Design a static lighting design and add motion blur to the whole design
  • Add moving objects to a static HDRI map
  • Add motion blur to certain areas of the map using masking/alpha


Motion Blur Automotive
Motion blurred HDRI map is visible in the background

HDR Light Studio user Jeff Patton took the new motion blur feature for a spin, he says
"With the motion blur tool I can quickly set the angle then get creative and crank the effect up for more stylized looks or dial it back for a subtle addition. This is without a doubt a feature that I will use often."

Motion Blur - Jeff Patton

Motion Blur Tutorials

There are 3 new learning videos teaching you how to use Motion Blur.

Motion Blur Tutorials
Motion Blur Tutorials

New Cinema 4D Connection

HDR Light Studio for Cinema 4D
New Cinema 4D Connection is faster and supports V-Ray 5

The HDR Light Studio Connection for Cinema 4D has now been updated to use our new API. This provides a more responsive experience when using HDR Light Studio. The delay when moving a light in HDR Light Studio, to seeing this update in the interactive render in Cinema 4D, has been dramatically reduced.

Instant updates with new API

Additional improvements:

  • Support added for Cinema 4D 24
  • V-Ray 5 support added
  • Switch between Cinema 4D projects and HDR Light Studio stays open and loads the lighting
  • Switch between multiple HDR Light Studio projects in a single Cinema 4D project, compatible with the Takes system
  • Area Light Spread/Directional control added for Arnold, Redshift, V-Ray and Octane
  • User interface labelling easier to understand - great for new users
  • Hiding the Connection panel no longer stops lighting updates
  • Logging has been moved into Cinema 4D native logging
Area Light Spread for Redshift, Octane, Arnold, V-Ray

New Training and Demo Project

For the release of the new Cinema 4D connection, we have created a new Quick Start training video, plus we have included a Demo Cinema 4D Project Files for those that want to follow along. There are seperate files setup for Arnold, Corona, Octane, Redshift, V-Ray and Phyiscal render. 

Watch the new Quick Start with HDR Light Studio and Cinema 4D video here.

Cinema 4D lighting training
Quick Start training with free Cinema 4D demo project

HDR Light Studio - User Interface Updates

Real-time Light moves on Canvas
When moving lights on canvas the HDR Light Studio Render View now updates in real-time.

Area Light Controls
The Area Light specific controls in the Light Properties panel have been moved and grouped next to the Area Light check box. The text labels match the yellow color used for area lights in the Light List. Many users overlook the area light feature. So now it's easier to find and to use.

Relocated Area Light Settings


Release Notes and Compatibility

Full release notes can be found here for HDR Light Studio - Xenon Drop 3.

Here is the updated Connections Features and Compatibility Chart PDF.


Customers with active Subscriptions or Maintenance for HDR Light Studio can download and install the new HDR Light Studio - Xenon Drop 3 release today.

HDR Light Studio - Xenon Drop 3 is available to try and buy today.