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3ds Max Artists – Electric Art

An interview with Bruce Bigelow, Creative Director and HDR Light Studio user



First of all what do Electric Art do, and what’s your job there?
Electric Art are a high end creative image house working out of Sydney, Australia. We create mostly still images for advertising using retouching and 3D, but we’re doing an increasing amount of animation work ranging from online to TV. My main job is that of Creative Director so I basically oversee all works going out of Electric Art. I also head up the 3D department. I tend to get fairly involved in the pre-production process, estimating jobs etc.

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Recom Farmhouse – Mustang 2015 Launch

It was great to hear from HDR Light Studio user Richard Levene, at Recom Farmhouse New York, about their role in the Ford Mustang teaser images.

Mustang GT

“Recom Farmhouse’ had the privilege to work on the teaser images for the upcoming release of the new Ford Mustang model. In combination with agency Team Detroit and photographer Uli Heckmann, we created a collection of images with a mixture of CGI and traditional photography. For the images with CGI cars, HDR Light Studio was used extensively in the lighting process with VRED, from previs lighting on set with the photographer to the refined lighting for the final renders. The lighting was kept pretty natural using a HDRI captured on location, with an extra light or two to boost the sun contribution or to bring up a specific detail on the car. HDR Light Studio’s ‘LightPaint’ feature let us place the lights exactly where needed. We can’t live without it now!” says Richard.

Mustang GT

What’s interesting about this customer’s story is that HDR Light Studio is being used to place only small modifications to the HDRI lighting captured on location – but those small enhancements, precisely placed, are making all the difference to the dynamic visual quality of the final images. Being able to make these creative lighting edits to your HDRI map on the fly, whilst in a live connection with your interactive render session, is what HDR Light Studio is all about. Continue reading


Stunning Automotive Shots from MIGS FOTO


MIGS FOTO has shared these stunning images with us, created with KeyShot and HDR Light Studio. I wonder how many lights the HDRLS project has in it?

A big thanks to MIGS for sharing them with us. See more quality car shots from MIGS at: www.migsfoto.com

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HDR Light Studio lights up Shanghai Motor Show

weareflink hdr light studio

weareflink have just shared with us an excellent new spot they produced for the VW CrossBlue Coupé, shown at the Shanghai Motor Show 2013. HDR Light Studio 4 played a significant role in lighting the car exterior and interior shots, and was used in conjunction with Cinema 4D and V-Ray. The results are excellent.

They also kindly shared with us some screen grabs of HDR Light Studio in action with their scene. So you can see how the HDR environments were augmented with additional lighting to craft the look of the car. The black and white views are from HDR Light Studio’s LiveLight view which provides feedback on reflections and illumination, allowing the artist to concentrate on controlling the light across the vehicle surfaces without the overhead and distraction of the final scene materials – which would be slow to render with a complex model.

HDR Light Studio Exterior Lighting


HDR Light Studio Interior Lighting

A big thanks to Andreas Lampe and Torben Kliefoth for sending us your amazing content.

Here’s the final video – enjoy!

VW CrossBlue Coupé – Shanghai Motor Show 2013 from weareflink on Vimeo.


Guillaume Gaillard – Citroën DS3

Here’s a great project lit with HDR Light Studio and kindly shared with us by Guillaume Gaillard of ‘GHiOM‘.
It was created with 3ds Max and rendered in V-Ray.

Thanks dude! It’s a great project and good job on the lighting.

Client : Citroën
Agence : Fullsix
Date : 2012
3D model : GHiOM Guillaume Gaillard
3D Animation : GHiOM Guillaume Gaillard
3D Lightning : GHiOM Guillaume Gaillard
3D Rendering : GHiOM Guillaume Gaillard
Compositing / Particular / Color correction / opticalFlare : GHiOM Guillaume Gaillard


HDR Light Studio 4 Live Connection Arrives for RTT DeltaGen

Lightmap’s HDR Light Studio 4 Live Connection Arrives for RTT DeltaGen 11.0.3

Lightmap announces the HDR Light Studio 4 Live connection for RTT DeltaGen 11.0.3. The connection brings full support for HDR Light Studio including the revolutionary interactive LightPaint feature allowing DeltaGen users to click directly within their rendered viewport to place and select lights on HDR Light Studio’s canvas. Continue reading


New Citroen C3 lit by HDR Light Studio

Caetano Brasil, Tiago Aiello and Felipe Roque have used HDR Light Studio to light some amazing CGI shots of the new Citroen C3. They are big fans of HDR Light Studio and now use it on most jobs. We are so pleased they do!

To see more images from this project, please visit the Digital Art Served web site where these amazing images are featured: