What's New? 5.0

Lighting Content

New underlying architecture for light layer generation and compositing
Faster multi thread final rendering of HDRI maps
Light positioned with 100 x more precision
Light sizes specified with 100 x more precision
New sky background – procedural sky generator
New Gradient Light Type – Linear or radial gradient
Gradient background light now includes an alpha ramp
Planar and spherical content mapping
New blend modes: Multiply, High Pass (via low pass with invert), Hue
Blend mode has ‘preserve alpha’ and ‘invert’ options
Load images as lights
Apply a LUT to a loaded image
Flip image content horizontally
Unpremultiply alpha on loaded image
Invert the alpha channel of loaded image
Saturation slider control for loaded image
When coloring a loaded image using a gradient, this can be positioned anywhere with a radial or linear gradient
New secondary alpha control on lights via Alpha multiply using gradient or image
New Uber light type has all properties swappable providing all possible lighting settings from a single light type
Lights can be now be renamed in the Light Properties panel
New content type – flat color

Flexible New User Interface
New UI with panels that can be moved, scaled, docked/undocked and tabbed
Preset layouts for different size displays
Color and value ramps are now part of main UI, no longer pop ups

New Presets Panel
Presets replaces the old ‘Picture Lights’ concept
Presets display is controlled using the drop down ‘tags’ filter
Drag and drop preset thumbnails onto the render view, canvas or light list
Double click a preset thumbnail to add the light to the canvas

New Light Controls Panel
• Click and drag buttons to scale, rotate and change light brightness

3D file formats
Load Alembic files
• Load FBX files (windows only)

Render View (was LiveLight)
Integrated into main HDR Light Studio app
Faster render engine powered by Embree 2
Intelligent renderer, no re-rendering needed to change: HDR lighting, view exposure, diffuse level, reflection level, shadow level or background image adjustments
Pause/Resume button with progress bar
Time(Sec) setting for Alembic files
Tool bar for render view interaction mode
Channel drop down – Includes HSVA, HSV, Alpha
Color LUT drop down – select display LUT for render view
Drop down camera selection
Freecam mode – unlocks the camera and adds buttons for camera controls

Render Settings
Apply a LUT to the background image
More background image formats now supported as above
New fresnel controls for shader
Max rendering samples setting
Faster floor shadow rendering
Displays loaded 3D model file path
Simpler presentation of material settings, no longer tabbed

Image Formats
HDR Light Studio supports loading: BMP, Cineon, DDS, HDR, IFF, Jpeg, OpenEXR, PNG, PSD, Targa and Tiff

New Canvas Features
Resizable canvas view
Canvas can now display transparency via checkboard pattern
Channel display drop down – Includes HSVA, HSV, Alpha
Color LUT drop down – select display LUT for canvas
Tool bar for canvas interaction mode
Zoom in and out of the canvas
Zoom into a cropped area on canvas
Pan around the zoomed canvas view
Fit canvas into the view
Pixel Probe – Displays RGBA and HSV values under the cursor position on the canvas

Light List
New solo state – isolate lights display without affecting their on/off status
New selectable state – make lights non-selectable via the canvas or render view
New light lock state – lock lights so their properties can’t be changed
Includes a light preview thumbnail in the list
Right click on light list for context menu – duplicate, delete, deselect

Tool Bars
New repositionable tool bars for adding lights, duplicate, delete, undo/redo, production rendering of HDRI maps
New ‘re-render’ production HDRI button using last settings

Light Preview View
Scalable light preview
Now includes transparency display via checkerboard pattern
Channel drop down – Includes HSVA, HSV, Alpha
Color LUT drop down – select display LUT for light preview
View exposure control

New HDRI Image Output Options
Now uses EXR 2.0
Choose 16bit half or full 32 bit
Mip-map option
Add a LUT to the rendered output

Load 3D models into HDR Light Studio from Project menu
Menu entries to control light list states
Turn light orange selection handle display on an off
In app software activation via activation codes
Production rendering of HDRI maps from menu
Enhanced project assets management window

New Application Preferences Panel
Change proxy image resolution used in Render View and shared with 3D apps
Apps image cache size
Select OpenColorIO preferences
Change directory locations for presets, proxy image and licenses

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