HDR Light Studio – Carbon Drop 4

Lightmap is happy to announce our latest release, HDR Light Studio Carbon – Drop 4 is now available for download.

Our latest drop includes: Gamma Control, Tabbed Content Properties, New Ways to Apply Content Presets, Batch Import Images as Presets, and Houdini 17 is now supported.

Gamma control has been added to images
A new feature Gamma control can be used to change the contrast and visual character of a loaded image. This is a great way to adjust the character of lights as seen in reflections.

Gamma Control

Tabbed Content Properties:
In the Light Properties panel, Content sections have now been tabbed to reduce the need to scroll up and down a long list of properties.

Tabbed Content Properties

New ways to apply Content Presets:
Content Presets allow you to switch the appearance of a light which is already positioned in HDR Light Studio. The Content Presets can now be applied in the following ways:

Drag and drop the content preset onto any of the new content tabs – Master, Value Blend, Alpha Multiply. This new feature is much faster than the previous process which required scrolling to the required section first.

Right click on the Content Preset thumbnail, and choose ‘Apply to Current Light’ to apply the preset to the Master Content of the selected light. This method is perfect for scrolling around the presets and quickly and easily trying out different looks on a specific light.

Drag and Drop Content Presets onto lights in the ‘Light List’ to apply them to the Master Content. The advantage of this method is you do not need to select the light in order to apply a different lighting look. Therefore, you can easily replace the appearance of many lights in your lighting design without selecting them first. This is a fast method for totally altering the look of the whole lighting design, and changing the appearance of many lights.

Batch Import images as presets.
Easily add a batch of images to your User Presets, as Element: Images. Drag and drop the images from your file system onto the Presets panel in HDR Light Studio. This is a perfect way to import a batch of pre-purchased HDRI maps, and add them to your HDR Light Studio preset library to use on future lighting projects – a really useful asset to have readily available within HDR Light Studio. In the batch import process, each preset will inherit the name of the original image file as its description and the batch of images can also be tagged. The images are then batch converted into the .tx format and added as user presets, where they can be dragged and dropped into the image slot of a light.

Houdini Connection updated to support Houdini 17

Cinema 4D Connection updated to support Cinema 4D r20 (released 12 Nov 2018)

Rhino 6 Compatibility Status
There are bugs/stability issues with Rhino 6 and some of the renderers we support that need fixing before we can release our updated HDR Light Studio connection. We are working with McNeel and other partners on these issues, and we will release our updated connection once these issues have been fixed in publicly available Rhino and renderer releases.

How do I get Carbon Drop 4?

Customer licenses will run any build of HDR Light Studio up to and including the version date as shown in the License Management dialogue. All subscription customers can run the latest releases. Customers with permanent licenses get 1 year of updates from the date of purchase, then need to renew their maintenance to update the version dates in their license files.

Don’t forget, we’re always here to help. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

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