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Lighting Software for Engineering Visualization

Mechanical engineers and designers want to make beautiful images of their creations as much as any 3D artist. For an engineer, it’s a small part of the process, but their designs are a work of art and worthy of being viewed in the best possible light. Often engineers are asked to create images of designs for presentations and even product catalogs. There is no shortage of the need for better images of engineering solutions – from the smallest widget to major engineering marvels.

CAD rendering technology is well established and there is a wide range of visualization solutions for engineers. However, a key ingredient to making a high quality image is the lighting. Have you tried but failed to produce images you are happy with, even when you have done everything right, they just don’t look like the photographic images you strive for.

engineering sector shot

Usually, CAD renders fail because of the lighting. With images relying on stock HDRI images that just don’t suit your design. Even if you have been provided with a library of HDRs to choose from – it takes time to try them all out. It’s hit and miss, a render and hope strategy.

With HDR Light Studio there is a better and easier way to photo real perfection in CAD renders. Don’t try to find the right lights – make the right lights! All in an instant. Continue reading


Lighting Software for Jewellery Rendering

“HDR Light Studio significantly enhanced the quality of my rendered images.” Cary James, Tiffany

Rings, bracelets and jewels are so shiny and reflective; they can be notoriously difficult to light when making computer generated images to replace photography. HDR Light Studio makes it easy to fully control and place reflections exactly where you want them in an instant. Say goodbye to jewellery renders that look like CAD models; your customers will think it’s a photograph when lit with HDR Light Studio.

Cary James - Rings

Cary James – Rings

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Lighting Software for CGI Advertising Imagery

Commercial advertising imagery can require 3D artists to create works of art within a matter of days, even hours.

HDR Light Studio provides commercial artists with a huge amount of creative freedom to quickly create photo-real lighting effects to enable hyper-real advertising imagery. Make images for the highest profile advertising campaigns faster than ever with HDR Light Studio.

PK3D - Hotpoint Rendered in V-Ray for 3ds Max

Hotpoint – PK3D

HDR Light Studio software has become a firm favorite amongst those wishing to create stunning CGI advertising images. Lighting is powered by a dynamic HDRI map, generated on the fly. The final lighting has all the benefits of image based lighting – which is stunning images, where illumination and reflections work in perfect harmony. Continue reading


Lighting Software for Packaging Rendering

Quickly and easily create perfect HDRI lighting for your pack shots!

Professional photographers go to great lengths to perfectly control the lighting around pack shots. They shape the reflections and illumination to communicate the form and materials that have been so carefully considered in creating the packaging design. Packaging is an extension to the brand, which is why it’s so important to get the lighting perfect.

Dior Bottle by DVH Visual Productions

Dior Bottle by DVH Visual Productions

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