Lighting Software for Engineering Visualization

Mechanical engineers and designers want to make beautiful images of their creations as much as any 3D artist. For an engineer, it’s a small part of the process, but their designs are a work of art and worthy of being viewed in the best possible light. Often engineers are asked to create images of designs for presentations and even product catalogs. There is no shortage of the need for better images of engineering solutions – from the smallest widget to major engineering marvels.

CAD rendering technology is well established and there is a wide range of visualization solutions for engineers. However, a key ingredient to making a high quality image is the lighting. Have you tried but failed to produce images you are happy with, even when you have done everything right, they just don’t look like the photographic images you strive for.

engineering sector shot

Usually, CAD renders fail because of the lighting. With images relying on stock HDRI images that just don’t suit your design. Even if you have been provided with a library of HDRs to choose from – it takes time to try them all out. It’s hit and miss, a render and hope strategy.

With HDR Light Studio there is a better and easier way to photo real perfection in CAD renders. Don’t try to find the right lights – make the right lights! All in an instant.


HDR Light Studio plugs into leading visualization software and in real-time you can make and move lights around your 3D model. You see the results in your viewport – it’s like a virtual photo studio with professional lighting at your fingertips. Making objects look great doesn’t take lots of lights and lots of training. Three or four main lights surrounding a scene, placed in the right position and at the right brightness, are often enough to provide really great lighting. The key is finding the positions easily and fast. HDR Light Studio lets you do this. The interface is easy to learn and is sophisticated enough for professional image makers – so you can take your renders to the highest levels.


Add HDR Light Studio to your CAD rendering solution – for fast and precise lighting created for every image. No more render and hope – take control of the light and get the shot right!