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15th November 2021

Black Friday Sale 2021

Save 15% in our 2021 Black Friday Sale Weekend
9th November 2021

HDR Light Studio - Xenon Drop 4

Advanced Motion Blur comes to HDR Light Studio, and more.
9th November 2021

Lightmap Releases HDR Light Studio Connection for NVIDIA...

Today, Lightmap released its new HDR Light Studio extension for NVIDIA Omniverse
8th November 2021

CG Boost Challenge Sponsor

October 2021 - Abandoned Space Station Challenge winner is now announced!
14th October 2021

Redshift RT - First Impressions

Our co-founder takes Redshift RT beta for a spin, here are his findings.
12th October 2021

Redshift RT Open Beta is now available

Maxon updated Redshift renderer to now feature a new real-time render mode. But what does this mean for 3D artists?
30th September 2021

Fox Renderfarm - Snowman Challenge

We are proud sponsors of the FGT3D Snowman Challenge.
23rd September 2021

Domeble Symetri Student Awards - Winners

Here are the winners of HDR Light Studio licenses.
23rd June 2021

Blender 2.93 Connection Update

We have released an update to our Blender Connection for 2.93
3rd June 2021

Nei Ramos: Lighting the Delicious

Nei is a freelance 3D artist who lives in Milan, working in a small family studio and creating food CGI.
18th May 2021

HDR Light Studio - Xenon Drop 3

Motion Blur comes to HDR Light Studio.
18th May 2021

Interview with Lyon Visuals, Visualization Studio

After seeing beautiful renders by Lyon Visuals, we had to hear their story from a business and creative point of view!