Update on Cinema 4D R21

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Update 5th December 2019: We have released our Cinema 4D R21 Connection
Compatible with Cinema 4D R21.1 and higher

For more information on this new release see here:


A notification for our Cinema 4D customers

You may have noticed that our HDR Light Studio 'Cinema 4D R21 Connection' has still not been released. We are getting a lot of emails about this now.

We had the R21 connection complete and ready to ship some time ago. But during our QA testing we found a frequent crash bug that occurred when using LightPaint. The bug was in Cinema 4D and had appeared in R21. This bug was fixed quickly by Maxon for us - which is great news. However the bad news is, this fix narrowly missed the last Cinema 4D hotfix release, and will most likely appear in the next service release. This means we cannot release our Cinema 4D R21 connection until then. If we released it now, there would be a lot of C4D crashes and a lot of unhappy users. So we need to wait. We don't have a date for this yet.

We are doing all we can to get this connection released as soon as possible. Maxon have done a great job supporting us, we have no complaints - we were very unlucky with the timing. We will let our users know by email and through our blog when the updated R21 plug-in is released.

If you are not already signed up to our HDR Light Studio email news, you can do that here.

A work around in the short term can be to export your C4D scene as an alembic file and load this into HDR Light Studio standalone, then load the HDRI map manually into C4D.

Thank you for your patience

Best Regards

Mark Segasby - Co-founder