Trying New Software - Don't Give Up!

For many 3D artists HDR Light Studio has totally transformed how they light their 3D imagery – allowing them to express and explore their lighting ideas easily, creatively and spontaneously. They love it and wouldn’t go back to their previous lighting methods. But don’t just take our word for it, we have lots of customer success stories you can read here.

HDR Light Studio Artists
Some of our Happy Customers

Even though HDR Light Studio is well known for its ease of use - for a new user it does take some time and effort to get up and running - just like anything worth doing.

Getting over any HDR Light Studio hurdles

Don't Give Up!

We know that you can already light your 3D images without HDR Light Studio, you have been doing so for years. Yes, HDR Light Studio provides dedicated tools and content that hugely enhances the lighting process, but you can carry on without it. This means when you try HDR Light Studio for the first time, it’s so easy to give up at the first hurdle and go back to your old ways.

Back to your old lighting methods

In addition, many 3D artists are just so busy they can’t put aside enough time to properly evaluate new tools that will actually save them a ton of time. This sounds crazy doesn’t it? It’s these busy 3D artists that could benefit most from using HDR Light Studio, as it will speed up their lighting process.

Initial Hurdles

New HDR Light Studio users may experience ‘teething troubles’ – these are trivial issues to do with installation or understanding of the workflow. These initial hurdles can block your progress and it’s frustrating. But these hurdles don't mean the software is poor quality or faulty, we have too many loyal customers for this to be true.

Remember Lightmap are here to help you get past any teething troubles as quickly as we can. We have lots of experience assisting new users. Be assured, with the setup issues behind you, the fun really begins as you get to experience the simplicity and power of lighting your shots using HDR Light Studio with your 3D software.

Up and running with HDR Light Studio

Where to get Help

Most teething troubles are resolved by following our step by step instructions provided when downloading your software trial, or by referring to our help web pages here at:

Plus we can support you via email at:

We also have a new Learning Area on our web site with lots of video demos.

Happy times with HDR Light Studio

In Conclusion

Stick with your trial of HDR Light Studio - our successful users can't be wrong. We understand the challenges you face as a 3D artist trying new software, and we are here to help you over any hurdles.

If you have any feedback on your trial of HDR Light Studio, please do let us know at: