What's New? Tungsten - Drop 4

What's New in Tungsten Drop 4:

  • Manage User Presets
    HDR Light Studio users have been able to save their own 'User Presets' since the Carbon Drop 3 release. However there has been no method for managing these until now. Tungsten Drop 4 introduces a new User Preset Management panel that is opened using Edit > Manage User Presets. In this panel the user can Edit the Description and Tags for a user Preset, and also Delete user presets.
  • Favorite Presets
    A user can right click on a Preset and select 'Add to Favorites' or 'Remove From Favorites'. You can then filter to view only your favorite presets using the heart button. This saves a lot of time hunting through lists of lights when you know the ones you like to use often.
  • Replace all lights with a Rig Preset
    Right click on a rig preset and select - Replace Lights with Rig, to delete all current lights and add the rig lights. A much faster way to audition different lighting rigs.
  • Hover on a Preset for a larger preview
    You can now hover over a Preset Thumbnail and a larger preview will appear that includes additional useful information about the preset. For example, pixel resolution on images, mapping used on lights etc. Images are now shown at the correct aspect ratio on Presets.
  • Improved workflows with Content and Element Presets
    You can now create new lights directly from all 'Content' and some 'Element' presets. You will be asked if you want to make a 3D or Background Light.
  • Area Light Toggle
    New keyboard shortcut to toggle Area Light checkbox on 3D lights. CTRL + SPACE BAR (CMD + SPACE BAR on MacOS). A big time saver!
  • Support added for:
    Maya 2020
    Tested against: Redshift 2.6.51, V-Ray 4.30.001, Octane 2019.1.5 - 15.14, RenderMan 23.1, Arnold 4.0.1
    MODO 14
    Redshift 3 in Cinema 4D

Read full release notes here


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