What's New? Carbon - Tungsten Drop 1

You can use Composites to:
• Group Lights
• Control a group of lights (brightness, position, color etc)
• Store Multiple Lighting Designs in one HDR Light Studio project
• Isolate and Edit Individual Lights
• Mask Lights
• Clone and move areas of the HDRI map
• Combine different regions of multiple HDRI maps
• Dissect and take control of light regions in existing HDRI maps

Select multiple Lights in the Light List
Multiple light selections can be: Deleted, Merged into a Composite, Released from a Composite

Blend Channel
A new drop down called Blend Channel currently allows you to choose if Add blend mode affects the Color or only Values.
This option works well with the Composite feature - allowing the user to take control over light sources in an existing HDRI map.

Blend Modes
When using blend modes, we have made a few changes making them easier to use. Improved default settings and removed redundant options from interface.

Low Pass takes into account Alpha
Low Pass blend mode now takes into account the alpha of the light, so that a Low Pass blend can have a soft edge to its clamping effect.

Mask Setting on Multiply
Mask setting added to Multiply blend mode. Very useful to use in conjunction with Composites.

Flat Background Light
A Flat Background light has been added to the tool bar. This is a very useful light setting and having it available on the tool bar is a time saver.

HDRLS_SCALE_GUI environment variable
Add support to force scale of GUI through HDRLS_SCALE_GUI environment variable. The value represents the scale size you want.

Updated Compatibility
3ds Max 2020
Maya 2019
Houdini 17.5
LightWave 3D 19
DeltaGen 2019 (and the x-builds)

Read full release notes here

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