Will my license run the latest HDR Light Studio?


You are a user of HDR Light Studio and have a license that is working. When a new version of HDR Light Studio is released, how do you know if your existing license will run it?


Rather than download and install the new software to find out. It's worth following a simple guide to check first. Start your existing version of HDR Light Studio.

In the application top bar, if you see the wording 'License Expires', your license is active and you can install and use all new versions of HDR Light Studio and your Plug-ins released until your license expires. Once the license expires, if you want to continue to use HDR Light Studio, then buy a new 1-year license and get a new activation code.

If you see the wording 'Maintenance Expires', you have a permanent license and the maintenance date shown determines the newest software builds you can run. In this example, the date shown is 27th April 2024. So you can install and use any HDR Light Studio and your Plug-in builds with build dates up to and including 27th April 2024.

When downloading a new installer for HDR Light Studio or a Plug-in, the file name will have a format similar to this: ProductName.2023.0425.exe
With the final digits being the build date in this format YYYY.MMDD. You can compare that date to your maintenance date.

If maintenance has expired and you wish to update to using a newer release of HDR Light Studio, visit the maintenance page on your store account to buy more maintenance or contact

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