VRED Artists: 3rd Floor Company CGI



3rd floor company CGI works mainly in the area of visualizing transportation/cars. It was founded by the German car photographer Steffen Schrägle. He has been working for all big car brands and mostly over the last 6 years was able to work with CGI processes in car photography. That was the main reason he has set up 3rd floor company CGI in order to provide quick turnaround of CGI imagery yet still maintaining the high standards that clients are looking for.

The photographic experience on location plus the understanding of CGI processes makes the perfect base for a flexible and professional workflow. This understanding is useful from the first moment concept layouts are sent till the final end product, and is always totally from the view of the photographer. Over the last few years 3rd floor company CGI has developed a very effective system for the data management and preparation for its clients and from data evaluations, data repair and modeling through to final high end image production.

HDRI production services are also offered. We work with cutting edge high end 360º cameras and we have generated a substantial archive of HDRI images. So, from the first step of a CGI project, from the planning right through to the delivery, then the 3rd floor company CGI can give all the support required.

Using HDR Light Studio

For high end production images we work mainly with the 3D application VRED as it provides us with a very fast workflow and high quality results for our final clients.


We use HDR Light Studio 1.5 mainly to light cars in a 3D studio environment where the software helps us to achieve a very realistic light situation in an unbelievably short time. Previously we used light set ups built up inside the 3D software but lately we mostly light the vehicles with the HDRIs from HDR Light Studio. It gives us a high flexibility and also the opportunity to obtain the perfect lighting and reflections for each car shape and design with very easy effects.

Our latest project using HDR Light Studio was for our client Nissan Europe. We had to do some studio shots in CGI with a white background. HDR Light Studio was the perfect tool and we could easily put the reflections where we wanted them. With the fast preview render we were able to see immediately the effect on the body shape, and this way we could quickly achieve the perfect results.

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