Vision West Nottinghamshire College

Lightmap provides Universities and Colleges with free HDR Light Studio licenses to support student learning. Our in-house 3D Artist, Sophie, and Content Creator, Luiza, visited Vision West Nottinghamshire College to meet up with students and teach them the intuitive way of painting light using their free licenses.

What better way to learn how to light than to see HDR Light Studio in action? So, it only made sense to start things off with a live demonstration of HDR Light Studio in conjunction with a connection to a 3D modelling software, LightWave3D. The chosen connection allowed the students to benefit from the demonstration as much as possible, as they are currently being taught this particular 3D modelling software as part of their course. Prior to Lightmap’s visit, the students were provided with an elegant demo scene, nail polish, made by Sophie. Following the demonstration, the students took HDR Light Studio for a spin.

It was a pleasant sight to see students enjoying HDR Light Studio and creating some great images in such a short time - do take a look at our short video documenting our visit.

The event was a great learning experience, not only for students but for us Lightmappers too, as we had the opportunity to hear about the opinions on HDR Light Studio; which only puts us on the right path of moving forward! We are waiting impatiently for the follow-up visit this May, to meet up with the students again and see more images from them.

If you would like your University or College to get licenses of HDR Light Studio, it’s easy to apply, simply get your tutor to complete this form.